The Divine Elements Volume Two: Humanity’s Celestial Harmony A Continuation of the Cosmic and Spiritual Journey

The Divine Elements Volume Two: Humanity's Celestial Harmony  A Continuation of the Cosmic and Spiritual JourneyFollowing the resounding success of “The Divine Elements Volume One,” acclaimed artist Divyaman Singh returns with the anticipated sequel, his solo show “The Divine Elements Volume Two,” opening on Monday, July 1st, 2024 (from 4pm to 8pm) and from July 2nd to 8th, 2024 (11am to 7pm) at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi. Curated by Shahzada Khurram, this exhibition takes the audience on an evocative journey, exploring the intricate coexistence of humanity with the celestial elements of the universe.

Building on the foundation set by Volume One, which served as a visual symphony where the cosmos and earthly elements converged, Volume Two delves deeper into the profound connections between human existence and the vast cosmos and also takes its inspiration from Samāveśa – a profound exploration of contact and coexistence with the divine elements. This exhibition invites viewers to contemplate their place in the universe, merging astronomy with spirituality to reveal the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the stars.

The Divine Elements Volume Two will be an immersive experience, blending art and astronomy to showcase how humanity coexists and interacts with celestial bodies. Each piece in the collection is a testament to the beauty and mystery of the universe, encouraging a sense of wonder and introspection.

The show has already garnered attention from eminent personalities in the art and culture industry, promising to be a landmark event in the contemporary art scene. Visitors can expect to see a diverse range of artworks that blend scientific wonder with spiritual depth, making for a thought-provoking and visually stunning display.

Thrilled to showcase his brilliant artworks, Artist Divyaman Singh exclaimed, “As an artist, my work has always been driven by the desire to explore and illuminate the intricate connections between the tangible and the ethereal. In Volume 2, I delve deep into the concept of contact and coexistence with the divine elements. This collection represents a journey towards understanding how the sacred and the everyday intertwine.”

He further added, “Through diverse mediums and forms, I aim to capture the essence of Samāveśa – the harmonious interplay between human existence and the divine. Each piece invites the viewer to contemplate their own relationship with the transcendent, encouraging a deeper awareness and appreciation of the unseen forces that shape our lives.”

Curator Shahzada Khurram shares, “This exhibition is a tribute to the harmony between mankind and the universe. It is an exploration of our place within the cosmos, illustrating how celestial elements influence and shape our spiritual and physical existence. We aim to inspire a deeper connection and understanding of the universe’s role in our daily lives.”

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