Third Wave Coffee’s Mugshot Moments Campaign: Brewing Barista-Customer Camaraderie on Friendship Day

New Delhi, 10, August 2023: Third Wave Coffee (TWC) celebrated Friendship Day with their heart-warming “Mugshot Moments” campaign, aiming to strengthen the bond between TWC’s baristas and customers while cherishing the essence of friendship. Held on August 6, 2023, at TWC cafes nationwide, the campaign left a lasting impact on the coffee community, fostering meaningful connections and showcasing the beauty of friendship.

The campaign was inspired by the strong relationships TWC has cultivated with its valued customers. Beyond serving coffee, TWC cafes have become havens for genuine camaraderie between customers and their favourite baristas. These skilled baristas know their customers’ preferences, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience with every visit.

The core objective of the campaign was to spotlight the joy of these special friendships and the unwavering trust that customers place in their baristas. To achieve this, TWC encouraged customers to capture moments with their friendly and talented baristas and share them on social media. The hashtag #MugshotMoments quickly became a symbol of these heartwarming connections, with photos capturing genuine smiles and the joy of sharing a coffee experience with trusted friends.

As the contest concluded, winners received a coffee mug and a delectable chocolate treat from their nearest TWC café, serving as lasting symbols of their “Mugshot Moments,” allowing them to fondly remember the sweet memories made on Friendship Day.

Varun Kapoor, Director of Operations at Third Wave Coffee, expressed immense excitement at the overwhelming response to the campaign, stating, “At TWC, we firmly believe that coffee can create strong connections among people. The ‘Mugshot Moments’ campaign perfectly showcased the sense of community we’ve built with our customers. We are grateful to everyone who participated and made this day so special. The success of this campaign is a testament to the incredible relationships shared between our talented baristas and our wonderful customers, and it reflects the dedication of the entire TWC team. It was a day filled with warmth, laughter, and genuine connections, truly embodying the spirit of friendship.”

TWC extends heartfelt appreciation to everyone who joined in and contributed to fostering lasting friendships, while remaining committed to creating exceptional coffee experiences and nurturing spaces where relationships can thrive.

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