Thomas Ascher Transitions Executive Chair of the Board of Quantitative Brokers to Matt O’Hara, CEO of the Americas 360T

Quantitative Brokers

NEW YORK, May 2023 – After five years of exemplary leadership as Executive Chair of the Board of Quantitative Brokers (QB), Thomas Ascher will pass on the leadership to Matt O’Hara, CEO of 360 Trading Networks, Inc., the Americas division of 360T, Deutsche Boerse’s foreign exchange trading venue. The transition will officially take place on June 30, 2023, as O’Hara assumes the role of Executive Chairman of the QB Board, in addition to his primary responsibilities at 360T.

“Matt O’Hara brings an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, marked by his success in building scalable and profitable trading businesses,” said Christian Hauff, CEO of Quantitative Brokers. O’Hara brings a deep understanding of the demands from both the buy- and sell-side for next-generation electronic trading and workflow solutions and his expertise will be invaluable in driving QB’s growth.

Under Ascher’s stewardship, QB solidified its position as a global financial technology company, renowned for its advanced algorithms and data-driven pre-and post-trade analytics in listed futures, options, and OTC rates markets. Ascher played a key role in QB’s transformation from a PE-backed company to completing the majority acquisition of DBG in late-2020. He also cultivated a research-driven culture and expertise in algorithmic engineering within the organization.

Expressing enthusiasm for future growth initiatives involving O’Hara, Hauff acknowledged Ascher’s invaluable contributions and status as a key member of the QB team. “Tom’s strategic guidance and field experience in the industry enabled building the actionable portfolio of growth opportunities in front of us,” said Christian Hauff.

The handover of the Executive Chair position from Ascher to O’Hara signifies QB’s unwavering commitment to trading innovation and excellence in the financial technology sector.

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