Three Indian Media Outlets Bag The Ifcn Build Grant For Fact-checking

New Delhi, 24th June 2024:  The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute has awarded BUILD grants to three Indian media outlets as part of a global effort to enhance fact-checking capabilities.

The BUILD grant is designed to support organizations in enhancing their fact-checking infrastructure and outreach. The Indian recipients of this round are the Medical Dialogues Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center, and Telugupost.

These organizations are recognized for their efforts in tackling misinformation in various fields. The Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center specializes in verifying digital content, Medical Dialogues, a medical newsportal addresses misinformation and disinformation in medical and health field through myth busting articles and fact checking with help of expert doctors, and Telugupost focuses on fact-checking in the Telugu language, reaching a wide audience in Southern India.

This funding is part of the second BUILD phase of the IFCN’s grant program and in all, IFCN has announced $975,000 in grants to 39 fact-checking organizations across 34 countries. The IFCN has so far awarded $4,850,000 of the $12 million fund from Google and YouTube to several dozen fact-checking groups worldwide since the first award in June 2023. The Fund has five more phases.

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