Top industry leaders share important life lessons they learned from their mothers this Mother’s day

Becoming an entrepreneur or leading a company doesn’t come easy. One has to work day and night to achieve success. There are days when the desire to quit is irresistible but the constant support from the mother keeps one going. She is the only person who dedicates her life and works even harder to fulfill the dream of her child. She plays a crucial role in carving the future of the child and making them great leaders and entrepreneurs. From the first teacher, the first friend, counsellor, values imbiber, the reader of non-verbal cues and the emotional backbone, they play various roles in the life of a child. Top industry leaders share how their mother helped them in their personal as well as professional growth-

Shabnum Khan with her mother

Shabnum Khan, Founder, 750ad Healthcare-

Mothers are the torch bearers of not just their family but also for the country, especially in the current scenario. My mother was a teacher and while she went beyond her job role to teach her students, she also taught me an important lesson of “perseverance” in life. She taught me to never give up, no matter what. My mom was the first woman in the village to have graduated and became a teacher later. In those times when societal pressure was way beyond what you can think of today, she never gave up and managed both her household chores and professional life. I do not just admire her for her but feel privileged that I am her daughter. While father’s do their part and make sure to help as much as possible, let us celebrate motherhood beyond gender norms this Mother’s Day. There are fathers that take over the responsibilities of mother’s too as a single parent. A very happy mother’s day to them too!

Neha Puri and her Mother

Neha Puri, Founder & CEO, Vavo Digital:

For as long as I can remember my mother has been a constant support, be it in my personal life or professional, appreciating me as well as criticising me when the need be. I think it is because of that I had the strength and motivation to start my journey as an entrepreneur. One thing she always tells me is to believe in myself because if “I don’t, no one else will” and that has been the core factor why I do what I do.

Top industry leaders share important life lessons they learned from their mothers this Mother's day

Aaradhya Khanna, Co-Founder, Gem Selections, Khanna Gems Pvt Ltd:

My mother has been a true source of inspiration for me. She is a working woman and has left no stone unturned in raising me to be an independent individual. I started working very young and it was a choice that I took for myself, because I had always seen my mother so gracefully managing her personal and professional life ever since I was a child. She has taught me- “It’s now or never” and I keep reminding myself about it whenever I have second thoughts on finishing any task or taking risks in life. When you grow in an environment of growth, positivity and love, you always strive to be the better version of yourself. In a way I am a reflection of my mother and her principles of serving the community and progressing all the while being synonymous to the progress of the family. Mothers are all superwomen and every day is their day just like today!

Raghu Bharat with his mother

Raghu Bharat, Founder & CEO – CrewScale:

“My best memory with my mother, also the one I miss the most, was when she oiled and combed my hair. I was always very notorious as a child & she being a teacher was very strict but she let me have my way. She always used to narrate to me stories of her students & how they used to be in school. She called them all as “The Success Stories” because for her – “People never failed, they learned.”

She always said that “You are the writer of your own story so you need to decide how it should sound to the readers.” She always gave me the power to make my choices as she once said that more than me or your father, your decisions in life will teach you. She always said that have self-belief & be grateful for even the smallest of things you get in life- be it for the small wins but never stop trying or leave any stone unturned in putting efforts, hard work may pay a little late but it pays off.

She always said that fears & pitfalls should be your best buddies & never let success deceive you, keep yourself grounded & let the stars do the talking. And this, her constant motivation & support has kept me going until now- Golden words from Maa- Lots of Love & Respect.”

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