Try before you splurge- with Bella Vita Luxury’s all new trial pack

Try before you splurge- with Bella Vita Luxury’s all new trial pack

NEW DELHI, December 27th, 2022: Driven by the purpose of making luxury perfumes affordable for every Indian, Bella Vita Luxury—brings superlative quality perfumes inspired by the latest international fragrances. The brand is one of the fastest growing in the perfume category and is disrupting the online market once again with a new proposition of a Trial Pack. With the all new Trial Pack, the consumers can, for the first time in the country, try the perfumes before buying them online, practically free of cost! The Trial pack will enable the consumers to try, smell and then purchase the perfumes they love.

The online perfume buying experience is constrained by the fact that consumers are unable to try the fragrance before purchasing it. Addressing this hurdle, The Bella Vita Luxury Trial Pack, comprising ten amazing perfumes in mini sizes, lets the consumer try and then order the ones they love. After buying the pack one can scan given the QR code and get a discount of Rs. 299 on purchasing a 100ml perfume.

Aakash Anand, Founder Bella Vita Organic says, “This is an innovative concept curated by us to help our online consumers make informed choices since no ad can make a consumer smell a perfume before buying it. Our approach is to ensure that our consumers try the range of Bella Vita Luxury perfumes before buying the ones they love. We have literally taken the perfume shop to the consumer”

Ankit Kapoor, CMO Ananta Capital, commented, “Bella Vita has always provided consumers with a superlative product and a superlative buying experience. Unlike the offline channel, so far the online perfume shopper has had to buy solely on the basis of an advertisement, without being able to try the perfumes. We have addressed this hurdle and replicated the offline shopping experience online through our new Trial pack, by practically giving it free to the consumer through the discount code. This category first proposition is yet another disruption by Bella Vita Luxury and will change the dynamics of the online fragrance category.”

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