UCanEvaluate provides an exceptional evaluation experience for the evaluators

 Learning Spiral

New Delhi: As part of turning university examination handling smooth and more effortless, India’s leading online assessment provider, Learning Spiral Pvt. Ltd., is introducing UCanEvaluate as a new product. Consisting of high-speed scanners, UCanEvaluate contributes to making digital evaluation a grandiose experience for universities along with a reduction in costs, time, and effort.

About UCanEvaluate:

A new addition to the spectacular product collection of Learning Spiral Pvt. Ltd., UCanEvaluate provides new evaluation options to the users. Specialized to be used in the field of Digital Evaluation, this product makes the tedious tasks of manual evaluation of answer sheets/booklets and assessments simple and faster. With high-speed scanners and additional features like secure evaluation, and a fast result/grade process, UCanEvaluate is an essential addition to the digital evaluation process being undertaken by universities around pen India.


  •  UCanEvaluate contains tight security measures giving confidence to the stored student booklet information as well. The data is stored in encrypted form masking the student’s identity and thus ensuring an impartial flow of evaluation.
  •  With various check fields, universities get a perfect score when it comes to an accurate evaluation. This means that the chances of any errors like wrong evaluation, missing questions, etc. are close to nil.
  •  Along with a high-speed scanner, the questions placed for evaluation are scanned precisely. The feature of multiple allocations for valuation reduces the probability of errors
  •  UCanEvaluate allows multiple evaluations of individual students’ booklets. These evaluations can then be performed by multiple evaluators, making the grading system accurate and flawless.
  •  Through the usage of the Admin Dashboard, users can keep track of various stages such as Booklet Scanning, Booklet Uploading, Evaluation Status, Custom Reports and more.


Along with the evaluation, the results generated are directed to the respective universities to which the students belong. After digital evaluation, universities can do a superficial go-through of the evaluation as well as collate the marks at the end.

With the launch of UCanEvaluate, Manish Mohta, Managing Director of Learning Spiral expressed, “UCanEvaluate is a crucial addition to our product selection. Along with providing other features, the evaluation of the examination is extremely confidential and is often error-filled. With this product, the probability of error will be reduced by huge marks.”

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