Union Budget 2023 Reaction on Education

Prof. Madhushree Sekher, Dean, School of Vocational Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, said, “We heartily embrace the emphasis in this Union Budget 2023 on cultivating skills in accordance with the National Education Policy and economic initiatives aimed at generating employment opportunities for the younger generation. The nationwide apprenticeship program and the PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0 will empower and inspire countless young people to sharpen their abilities for more promising career prospects. Meanwhile, this budget brings cheer to the teaching community as they will undergo training through innovative teaching methods, curriculum transformation, continuous professional development, and the implementation of ICT. The establishment of an additional 30 Skill India International Centers, offering cutting-edge programs in fields such as coding, AI, IOT, mechatronics, drones, and the enhancement of various soft skills, as announced in this budget, is a phenomenal initiative. The budget as a whole is a positive step towards the growth and advancement of the vocational education within the education sector.”

Dr. Shuchi Gautam, I/C Director, Thakur Global Business School, Kandivali, Mumbai said, “The budget 2023 is a steadfast and visionary step towards aligning education with future demands. The establishment of the National Digital Library will foster a culture of knowledge acquisition and reading. The robust emphasis on digitization evident in the budget will enhance the efficacy of the Indian higher education system. By prioritizing PMKVY 4.0, skill development, job creation, and industry-aligned curriculum, the country’s youthful workforce will be equipped with the skills necessary to meet the demands of future employment. This will seamlessly bridge the divide between education and employment opportunities. The budget has given impetus to the fundamental principles of the New Education Policy and there is a need to empower Private Self-Financed institutions with more flexible policies, which play a significant role in increasing the gross enrolment ratio of the nation.”

Prasad Pardeshi, Dean, RBK Educational Institutions, Mumbai, said, “The budget’s emphasis on addressing the deleterious effects of learning loss and fostering the provision of superior education for young people was a critical and long-overdue initiative in the educational realm. The finance minister astutely championed the utilization of digital pedagogy as a means of mitigating the learning disruption caused by the pandemic, thereby taking a decisive step forward in post-covid recovery. The establishment of a national digital library for children and the promotion of physical libraries at various levels, with essential amenities, to allow access to the digital resources, is a commendable decision taken within this budget. The budget has undoubtedly brought joy to the teaching profession as well. This budget aspires to elevate education and hone skills across the country, marking a pivotal stride in elevating the educational landscape.”

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