Vavo Digital collaborates with HCL to promote their cyclothon event

India, 5th May 2023: Vavo Digital, leading influencer marketing agency collaborated with HCL to promote their first Cyclothon event in Noida. The event drew a large crowd of 1300 cycling enthusiasts with the goal of encouraging health and fitness in the community

The campaign successfully garnered over 500K views on reels and stories on Instagram.

The Cyclothon in Noida was a smashing hit with a large energetic crowd eager to showcase their passion. Vavo Digital onboarded 5 micro-influencers, including Armaan Qureshi, Meenal Bhardwaj, and Suraiya Khan to help HCL generate greater traction for the event. These influencers interacted with cyclists who participated to know their stories and goals. They created Instagram reels and video content around their experiences. The main objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of the event and urge more individuals to participate in future events like these.

Sharing his views on the partnership, Saurabh Himthani, Brand Partnerships Manager at Vavo Digital, “We are glad to have collaborated with HCL to encourage healthy living in the community through our influencer outreach. Vavo Digital focused on the brand’s target group to curate content that is engaging and relevant to them. We look forward to maintaining this partnership in the future and creating a buzz around such initiatives.”

Commenting on the same, Himanshu Mehta, Manager, Brand Strategy and Marketing at HCL, “HCL’s core brand philosophy is ‘Human Potential. Multiplied’ aimed at amplifying the potential of individuals, communities, and societies. Sports are a great leveller and can bring people together; this is why we are interested in sports. HCL Cyclothon is a long-term initiative, and we plan to host this annually. The collaboration with Vavo Digital was an experiment with influencers as we never did it earlier. It has been very successful for us, as the content created by all the influencers was unique with their own twist and had a good engagement, so it was an overall successful experiment for us. Looking forward to more collaborations”.

Instagram is a powerful tool to get the message across to a younger audience and successfully connect with them. The effective collaboration between Vavo Digital and HCL demonstrates the crucial role that influencer marketing plays in creating a brand by engaging with a larger audience for brand campaigns.

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