Voltas launches its extensive range of FreshAir Coolers for 2023.

Voltas launches its extensive range of FreshAir Coolers for 2023.Mumbai/ Bangalore, 26 April 2023: Voltas, India’s undisputed leader in Cooling Products, and the No. 1 AC brand, from the house of Tata’s, announced the launch of an extensive range of all-new Voltas FreshAir Coolers. This latest offering of Voltas FreshAir Coolers offers a wide range of features including the unique smart humidity controller for optimizing the humidity, 4-sided honeycomb padding for the ultimate cooling experience, mosquito repellent for protecting from mosquitos, 7 Hours timer for giving you uninterrupted sleep, turbo air-throw for cooling large spaces, and less energy consumption. Equipped with a Wi-Fi controller that enables hassle-free operation of the product, Voltas’ new range of FreshAir coolers are all set to revolutionize the Indian air cooler industry.

These new features are incorporated in a wide range of coolers customized for different weather conditions. Customers can choose an air cooler based on their specific need like the Desert Air Cooler, Tower Cooler, Personal Cooler, Window Cooler, and Room Air Cooler that are available in sub-variants as well.

Commenting on the launch of the new range of Air Coolers, Mr. Pradeep Bakshi, Managing Director & CEO, of Voltas Limited said “Innovation and customer satisfaction have always been the blueprint on which Voltas products are developed. We understand a large segment of our customers, across both large and upcountry towns, prefer an air cooler to beat the summer heat. We wanted these customers to have the best-in-class air coolers from Voltas. The new range of FreshAir Coolers are equipped with latest features that focus on efficiency, convenience, and hygiene. These air coolers also offer intelligent cooling solutions, like smart humidity controller, that is suited for diverse weather conditions in India. We are delighted to bring in these innovations within the air cooler industry.”

This summer, Voltas has launched 51 SKUs of its Voltas FreshAir Coolers under various sub-categories such as Personal, Room, Window, Tower, and Desert Air Coolers. The new range of top-notch Voltas FreshAir coolers has been created to cater to all types of weather conditions in India and includes unique features in select models. The new range comprises of new models like, Jetmax with honeycomb pad for long-lasting cooling, Slimm with a sleek and compact design, Alfa Fresh with advanced filtration techniques, and Velocity with ice chamber. 

This Summer, Voltas’ new range of air coolers are also coupled with unique & exciting promotional offer for consumer like Easy EMI offer with attractive down-payment options, for ease of adoption & access to customers.

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