Wardwizard Foods & Beverages Limited On a mission to strengthen its portfolio by acquiring Yeppy Foods and Safpro

Vadodara, September 17, 2022: Wardwizard Foods & Beverages Ltd (formerly known as Vegetable Products Ltd), a Bombay Stock Exchange listed company -BSE Code- 539132 has plans to enter into high-quality food and beverage products, as its strategic move, announces that the company is actively in the process of acquiring two existing and top-rated new food brands, VIZ: Yeppy Foods and Safpro. Ward wizard is committed to expanding its business and becoming a player in the food and beverage industry by establishing its presence in the market. The acquisition of these two entities will facilitate Wardwizard to increase its product offerings and to heavily penetrate the markets so as to reach more customers benefitting consumers to have better access to even more high-quality food products.

Yeppy foods, a Gujarat-based entity with its flagship brand of QuikShef, is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of processed food products. Yappy enjoys a strong presence in the retail sector and has a wide range of products including ready-to-eat, frozen foods, and beverages.

Safpro, a Maharashtra-based entity, is one of the leading food condiments manufacturing players in the food industry and has a wide range of condiments including mayonnaise, dips, sauces, and seasonings, having a strong market presence.

This acquisition will play a significant role in establishing Wardwizard Foods & Beverage’s footprint across Gujarat and Maharashtra regions and thereby triggering revenue growth.

Mrs. Sheetal Bhalerao, Managing Director of Wardwizard Foods & Beverages Limited, said “QuikShef with the flagship brand of Yeppy Foods, has achieved an incredible amount of growth in providing affordable prices with zero compromises on quality. Currently, QuikShef’s ready-to-eat products along with Safpro condiments are being distributed to 150+ standalone outlets in Mumbai and 130+ standalone outlets in Pune via 8 distributors. Furthermore, Quikshef‘s 5 outlets have already been established across Maharashtra and 24 outlets across Gujarat. We aim to grow our customer base through this acquisition which will eventually bring greater value to its business operations and the food ecosystem at large. Further expanding its operations, we are elated to inform you that company plans to penetrate the market of Bengaluru by the end of this year.”

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