Winston secures a funding ₹1 crore from Shark Tank

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New Delhi, February 2023: Winston, the emerging personal care brand that brings optimum salon care at home while integrating technology into the personal care routine raised ₹1 Crore of funding at Shark Tank season 2. The beauty startup is funded by renowned investors Anupam Mittal & Vineeta Singh for equity of 10% on a valuation of Rs. 10 crores.

Himanshu Adlakha, Founder Winston, said, “It’s a great start of the year where the funding update aided us in driving the traffic for our website leading to a 300% increase in the sales. It is the maximum we have achieved since we launched our brand in 2021. The daily traffic jumped to 114%, which is the highest for our brand. Our revenue & turnover for last month was 62.5L and post Shark Tank, it has increased 1.5Cr in January 2023.”

Further talking about the allocation of funding received, he adds, “The funding raised will be allocated towards the strategy and the growth of the brand, catering to Digital Marketing, an e-commerce marketplace, Talent acquisition, Celebrity endorsement, ERP and logistics solution and miscellaneous.”

Nikita Malhotra, Co-Founder, Winston said, “We are a brand that proposes technology-driven beauty results that comes with a promise of comfort & convenience. Our ethos defines exceptionally quality and high-end technology-embedded products with which individuals can access professional beauty results at home. We have developed a strong customer portfolio for our brand in the last two years, but with our presence on Shark Tank, this increased immensely, helping us onboard new customers for our brand. We are looking forward to this year as the year for our brand, and hoping to target revenue and turnover of 18cr next year.”

Winston India was started in 2021 when everybody was fighting COVID impacts, sacrificing personal care routine was also one of the impacts people had to face. The brand set forth its personal care journey crafted especially for women that offers a comfortable personal-care regime at home. With an ethos to provide exceptionally high-quality products and modify the way women see personal care, the brand introduced easy-to-use high-end technology-embedded products with which individuals can access professional beauty results at home. Winston offers all technology-driven beauty solutions, right from optimum facial care to superlative body care, to all top appliances, including epilators, eyebrow trimmers, blackhead removers, hair stylers, and much more to revitalize your beauty. The main objective is, to let women flaunt their real beauty without visiting a salon.

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