Witness The Art Of Mixology – The Finch, Chandigarh

If sensory entertainment and mouth-watering delicacies is what you vibe with then The Finch, Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh is the best place for you. The Finch is the epitome of entertainment which brings old school nostalgia but in a new twisted setting.

Bringing rhythms, global cuisines, and mixology culture as they stand on elevating the dining experience with – one song, one drink and one flavour at a time. The venue in Chandigarh is focusing just on that. They offer harmonies of food and symphonies of modern rhythms.

The Flinch is by far the best place for your perfect entertaining night with family & for partying hard with friends. The Finch not only offers the best ever food and entertainment experience but sports as well with velvet plush sofa, comfy chesterfield armchairs, multiple large LED screens and a section with clubby gentleman seating making it a perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon.

The place offers the future of culinary-mixology that is using gastronomy and science to experiment with cocktails on a molecular level. Finch’s bar can easily outshine any other menu as they use local indigenous ingredients and to make Finch’s all new state of the art cocktail menus.

Nothing is complete without having good food and The Finch has got you by your nerves with their lavish menu with their culinary & mixology workshop offering guests an interactive experience do it your own cocktails and culinary arts. They offer an exquisite culinary exposure covering European, Continental and Indian Cuisines. Their Biryanis, Kababs, authentic Italian Wood fired oven Pizza, Asian Dim Sums tops the list.

The magic of Finch can be experienced in Chandigarh with the best ever hospitality, entertainment, chef’s special cuisines from across the globe and of course the authentic live music experience with the new mixology culture in town!

Undergo the wizardry of cocktail making at The Finch.

Contact: 8146282182

www.thefinch.in – Chandigarh

Address: Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

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Neel Achary

Neel Achary

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