Year End Quote 2022 [By Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy]

The consumer electronics spokesperson have shared their inputs on the year-end quote 2022. The business had considerable growth in 2022. This year, we worked to make sure that both physical and online channels had unified marketing strategies in order to meet our objectives and boost revenue in the Indian consumer market.
Additionally, we have worked with a number of top Instagram influencers for a variety of online campaigns to raise brand recognition. We will scale these marketing initiatives in 2023 as well.
The fact that we succeeded in launching new products and being the first and fastest to market in 2022 is another achievement. VingaJoy launched a variety of electronic products in a variety of categories, including Lightup Tempered Glass, the first of its type with luminous edges and an extra smooth viewing experience; and CH-303 F7 38-Watt, Car Charger with dual charging ports which supports fast charging and protects against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overcharging.
VingaJoy intends to enhance growth and employment in the coming year through the use of AI-driven products.
The company aims to grow its business by the end of 2023 by adopting a carefully planned marketing approach to build brand recognition both online and offline. The company’s emphasis on making products in India that utilise artificial intelligence to solve myriad challenges at once is a central component of its business strategy.  In India, the government already implements policies and regulations that benefit companies and help them to generate profits, such as one nation one charger, make-in-India programs, and tax rebates for Indian manufacturers.
We are eager to launch successful digital marketing campaigns and investigate fresh ideas for offline marketing. In order for our products to be available everywhere in the world and to help our business grow, we want to broaden the distributor network.
The number of super stockists in India that are opening new VingaJoy outlets is growing, thus we are focusing on actively extending this network.

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