Yoga and Jockey – A match made in fitness heaven!

Yoga and Jockey – A match made in fitness heaven!

As humanity took a pause in the pandemic, millions of people took their first steps into healthier living by starting a Yoga routine. Living rooms and balconies were converted into yoga studios. People began their days fresh and active by taking yoga lessons online. And most importantly, turned to Yoga to learn breathing exercises and improve respiratory functions.

Jockey’s philosophy is to provide uncompromising comfort through their collections and as the Yoga interest keeps growing, the ‘MOVE’ and ‘Athleisure’ collections ensures the best fitness – inner and outerwear to go with a Yoga routine early in the morning or through the day. Some of the most popular items from these collections are the performance Sports Bras, performance Capris, performance Leggings, Tank Tops, T-shirts, and the Yoga Pants. This is primarily due to the dedicated and diligent crafting behind every product done with utmost care and the excellent features offered to make Yoga functionally smooth and fashionably slick.

The Jockey ‘MOVE’ and ‘Athleisure’ collections offer technological innovations in fabrics, sporty aesthetics, and a perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort. Here is a little more detail about each of them.

The Jockey MOVE Collection is designed to provide maximum support for maximum movement- the right fit for the woman who is always on the move! It is extremely popular for its StayDry and StayFresh technology which allows an individual to feel comfortable and move freely with unmatched comfort in any situation be it Yoga sessions, Gym sessions or out for a run. This collection is edgy with a sleek minimalist design makes it a favourite wear.

The Jockey Athleisure Collection is a seamless synergy of athletic wear and leisure feel. It is a beautiful amalgamation of fashion, style and comfort thereby making it from being a perfect workout wear to being a laid-back style. Wear this for any activity – Yoga, workouts, travel, or just a relaxing night. Crafted with just the right blend of functionality, style and comfort, this collection has quickly become a favourite and a must-have for the woman who is always on the go.

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