Zypp Electric partnered with Flo Mobility to expand its footprint in the autonomous electric vehicles sector

Zypp Electric partnered with Flo Mobility to expand its footprint in the autonomous electric vehicles sector

Zypp Electric (https://www.zypp.app) India’s leading Tech-Enabled EV-as-a-service platform has recently partnered with Flo Mobility to expand its footprint in the autonomous electric vehicles sector. FloMobility is a start-up dedicated to democratising autonomy. Zypp Electric has a mission of providing autonomous navigation solutions for the mobility industry. Zypp believes that autonomy is the way of the future and that supporting this vision would provide logistics in India with a new edge.

Under this partnership, Zypp Electric will build a delivery bot for Zypp deliveries for distribution within large campuses. The delivery bot will pick up any packages left at the gate/entry and bring them to the door. Flo Mobility will allow Zypp delivery bots to navigate autonomously during delivery. It will keep track of Zypp Electric vehicles that are filled with consignments and waiting for delivery personnel at the warehouse gate/entry. This collaboration will focus on delivery in the Delhi-NCR region.

“We are extremely happy to announce our partnership with FloMobility, India’s leading autonomous tech solution company for small vehicles. Zypp Electric is looking forward to making the food deliveries smoother and smarter across various locations. It will also enable Zypp electric to automatically rebalance their e-scooter fleet on demand. Zypp Electric and Flo Mobility’s partnership will help take last-mile deliveries to the next level” said Akash Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Zypp Electric.

Flo Mobility’s USP is a pure camera-based retrofit stack that is affordable and interoperable. And the company has a vision for numerous sectors and applications. The current autonomous industry is worth 128 billion dollars, and India is poised to make a significant investment.

Zypp Electric chose FloMobility as part of an EVolve Innovation Program with Enterprise Catalysts, an early-stage incubator. The program’s major goal is to assist EV Startups that are aiming to improve last-mile logistics and the EV sector as a whole. FloMobility is one of the new generation deep-tech companies shortlisted by Zypp Electric and Venture Catalyst. Their innovative autonomy-as-a-service platform coupled with an innovative business model has great potential, and Zypp Electric will nurture them for their next stage of growth with orders and money in the amount of 1.5 million dollars.

Zypp Electric aims to support entrepreneurs with disruptive and inventive concepts that will improve the electric vehicle and logistics industries. For up to three months, Zypp Electric will give incubation support for prototyping and testing, as well as mentoring from top industry specialists.

“Flo Mobility’s multi-utility autonomous platform has applications across industries including mobility and last-mile delivery. Zypp has been at the forefront of solving last-mile delivery inefficiencies and the adaption of electric scooters. With this partnership, we intend to disrupt logistics services by automating the most inefficient parts of the delivery person journey, at the warehouse and the customer’s doorstep. With a rush towards 10 mins delivery promises, it’s critical to eliminate slack in the process while ensuring human safety at all times. Humans and robots working in tandem can help organizations achieve the desired service levels at optimal cost. Collaboration with Zypp Electric opens up a lot of possibilities for startups like us” said Manesh Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of FloMobility.

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