Amity University Haryana Celebrates AARAVAM – 2023 (ONAM) with Joy and Unity

Amity University Haryana Celebrates AARAVAM - 2023 (ONAM) with Joy and UnityStudents at Amity University Haryana came together on the 7th of September 2023 to celebrate the joyous occasion of ONAM with great enthusiasm, fostering unity and a strong sense of togetherness among the community.

The honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. P.B. Sharma, graced the occasion and lit the ceremonial lamp, marking the inauguration of the ONAM festivities. In his address, Prof. Sharma shared profound insights and inspiration, highlighting ONAM’s role as a festival that unites people through love, joy, and prosperity. His words resonated deeply, emphasizing the message of togetherness, cultural heritage, and the spirit of unity that ONAM embodies. Prof. Sharma’s inspirational speech set the tone for the event, encouraging everyone to embrace the rich traditions and values that ONAM represents and to celebrate the festival with joy and unity.

The event showcased enchanting floral arrangements, skillfully designed by our talented students, known as Pookalams. These Pookalams added an exquisite touch to the celebration, with their beautiful patterns and vibrant colors.

In addition to the Pookalams, our artistic students also created stunning rangolis, which further enriched the festive atmosphere. Collectively, the Pookalams and rangolis elevated the event’s aesthetic appeal, creating a captivating ambiance. It stands as a testament to the students’ creativity and unwavering commitment, making the celebration exceptionally memorable.

One of the highlights of the event was the sumptuous “Onam Sadhya,” a traditional feast served during ONAM, which allowed participants to savor the rich flavors of Kerala. Additionally, to infuse more excitement into the celebration, a variety of entertaining activities were organized, including fun-filled games like Tug of War, Uriyadi, traditional group dances, and solo performances making the event a resounding success.

Dr. Sanjna Vij, Deputy Dean of Students Welfare, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks stating that Amity University Haryana continues to foster a sense of unity and cultural richness by celebrating festivals that bring people together in the spirit of joy and harmony.

The event was graced by various faculty and staff, members including Mrs. Meena Sharma, Prof. AM Jose, Dr. Jomit C P, Dr. Meenu, Ms. Sujatha, and Mr. Sandeep Singh, who added to the festivities with their presence and enthusiasm.

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