Ariel University Soars in Global Rankings, Lands in Top 7.6%

Ariel University Soars in Global Rankings, Lands in Top 7.6%: A Testament to Innovative Research and Academic Excellence in the Heart of Israel

16 May 2023

In a significant academic triumph, Ariel University, the youngest university in Israel, has made a substantial leap in the 2023 edition of the Global 2000 list by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) – Link. Among 20,531 institutions worldwide, Ariel University, which has been a university for just 11 years, has surged ahead by 40 positions and now proudly stands within the top 7.6% of universities globally.

This impressive achievement stands out, even more, considering the overall performance of Israeli universities. Out of the nine included in the rankings, only Ariel University, Tel Aviv University, and Reichman University saw improvements this year. Ariel University’s dramatic ascent, achieved in a little over a decade since its establishment as a university in 2012, showcases the institution’s dedication to innovative research and academic excellence.

“We are immensely proud of our meteoric rise in the CWUR rankings,” said the university’s spokesperson. “Our progress, especially given that we have been a university for only 11 years, is a testament to the commitment, hard work, and innovative spirit of our faculty, students, and leadership.”

Located in the heart of Israel, in the Samarian Hills, Ariel University continues to aspire to be at the forefront of innovative research. It is determined to further advance Israel’s economic and social development by harnessing the immense potential of the Israeli people and fostering a culture of academic curiosity and scientific discovery.

Ariel University extends its congratulations to Tel Aviv University and Reichman University for their advancements in the rankings and salutes all academic institutions that are striving for excellence in research and education.

About Ariel University:

Ariel University, established as a university in 2012, is the newest research university in Israel. Located in the city of Ariel, the capital of Samaria, the university offers a unique blend of innovative research and academic programs. With a strong emphasis on life science and engineering research, Ariel University continues to support Israel’s hi-tech industries, making considerable contributions to the nation’s economic and social development.

For further information please contact Mark Lewis, International Public Relations – Ariel University – or +972 54 339 4067

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