Bangalore student tops the CBSE 12th at All India Level

Dhruv Advani

Bengaluru May 2023: A student of GR International School in south Bangalore Chi Dhruv Advani scoring 497 for 500 with 99.4% has topped the board exam. He owes this success to his dedicated teachers, the progressive educational environment of GR International School founded by Dr. Geetha Ramanujam an educationist and Aakash Byjus Mentors & his parents say “My teachers at GRIS were exceptionally supportive and accommodating, providing whatever help Is needed. I have never followed a strict schedule when it comes to studying. My study schedule has always been flexible, ranging from maybe not studying at all on light days to studying 4-5 hours on the days before exams. In my opinion, the most important thing that anyone can do when trying to study is to figure out what works best for oneself, and then apply that. Trying to blindly apply the strategies of toppers just tends to cause stress and ends up being destructive rather than productive. I was greatly encouraged to pursue my hobbies, including playing basketball, swimming, reading fantasy novels, writing, running, and participating in debates. I want to do my medical science in one of the leading medical Institutions of India”

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