Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) deploys Next Generation Learning Management System (LMS) at its Learning Center in Annamalai University, TamilNadu

Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) deploys Next Generation Learning Management System (LMS) at its Learning Center in Annamalai University, TamilNaduTamil Nadu, 27 March 2023: The Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) has extended its support to Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu by installing its CTE LMS Learning Management System platform at the CTE Learning Centre within the Department of Information Technology.

Along with the LMS deployment, CTE has integrated several video-based training courses on advanced technologies for faculties and students. These video-based training courses on Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Data Science, Threat Intelligence, Programming, and Web Technologies are accessible to faculties and students.  This deployment allows the 35,000 students at the University to access advanced courses to empower themselves by taking ownership of their learning to be successful and impactful beyond the lecture halls.

The Real-Time Course Upgrade feature on the CTE LMS enables the course directors to update additional information within course modules as well as create new courses.  As part of the collaboration, CTE will keep integrating additional courses on trending technologies, case studies, virtual labs, and Industry recognized certification courses to the existing digital library at the CTE Learning Centre in the university. These courses designed on new technologies will offer certified students excellent job potential. Furthermore, under the faculty development programme the CTE LMS platform will also be used by the Department of Information Technology to upskill the faculty members.

Mr. Sairaman Srinivasan, Chief Strategy Officer, Consortium for Technical Education (CTE), said, “We are working towards developing a niche skilled workforce with advanced technical knowledge. Our learning centre enriched with video-based training courses, virtual labs, webinar/seminar sessions, demos/workshops on the latest products and technologies will equip the students of Annamalai University with 21st-century skill sets to raise their employability. In addition, our Learning Management System is playing a major role in facilitating distribution of e-learning content to all faculties to sharpen their technical skill sets.”

Dr. K. Selvakumar, Professor and Head of the Department of Information Technology, at Annamalai University, said, “We are very happy to have the Learning Management Software installed at our learning centre. The department would like to extend this facility to all interested students in the University who would like to enrich their learning of new technologies. These courses will be jointly certified with CTE, and students will be provided with certification upon completion of the course, helping them to successfully get a job.”

Dr. Suban Ravichandran, Associate Professor, Department for Information Technology, Annamalai University, Incharge of the E-learning Lab, said, “The technical courses offered by the CTE are a major boost for our Digital library. It will help to cater thousands of students to the inter and intra Department from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.”

Furthermore, the CTE LMS platform will also be used to host university developed e-content to serve students enrolled within the campus and also for students who are pursuing their courses by distance education.

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