Denmark Wins NJ MED’s Inaugural World Education Championship (WEC)

New York, NY, 2 Jan 2023 — NJ MED (New Jersey Minority Educational Development) is a Special Consultative partner with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals education mission to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

NJ MED created the World Education Championship (WEC), to bring attention to what nations are excepting from their education systems, how much they are investing in education, and how the finished product looks.

Every four years, NJ MED will host the WEC during the world’s biggest sporting event – the World Cup. To compare nations competing in the tournament performances in – School Life Expectancy, Government Investment in Education, and Adult Illiteracy Levels.

This year, 32 nations competed in the World Cup held in Qatar. Denmark’s education system outperformed South Kora in the finals. The USA’s education system finished third, Germany finished fourth, while the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and Poland made the Quarterfinals.

Mr. Albert Mitchell II, CEO/Founder of NJ MED, said, “We hope to draw the nation’s attention to their education systems to improve standards. No one will make a change if no one cares to. We need nations to focus on the real stars of their country. Their children, who hold their country’s future in their hands.”

Mr. Mitchell II added, “We all love sports and the pride in displaying how good we are compared to another country. However, in reality, it is just a sport and game. No one benefits from the results – just the participants. In education, everyone is affected by the results. If we can make that message clear. We can do so much more to improve the world.”

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