Gillco International School organized industrial visit for class 9 students

Gillco International School organized industrial visit for class 9 studentsAs per new education policy it’s essential for overall growth of a child and the visit was a part of it: Ms. Ruchi Sharma

Gillco International School has organized an Industrial Visit for Class 9th Students to Mahindra Swaraj Mohali. The aim behind this visit was to gain hands-on experience of the operations and production of the manufacturing firms and also to understand their contribution in the growth of Economy.

The group is a leading industrial house of northern India and continuously growing and diversifying its activities for the economic prosperity of its shareholders and stakeholders while engaging itself to the well-being of the community and environment. DGM training gave a detailed brief about the processing, manufacturing, and Human Development of the company. The session involved the evolution of tractors in India and its merge with Mahindra and Mahindra. Currently, 43% market share in the tractor industry is captured by Swaraj Tractors. Due to Artificial Intelligence, one tractor is manufactured every three minutes. The assembly of the tractor takes place entirely using automated machines involving minimal human intervention. The plant is currently producing 300 tractors a day. Mohali has two manufacturing units and one major unit is in Ropar.

Ms. Ruchi Sharma, Principal, Gillco International School, “The main purpose of the visit was industry interface with academics. As per the new education policy it’s essential for the overall growth of a child. Industry interface is a prerequisite for educational institutions and we Gillconians are committed to the same and prepare our students as per industry requirement by giving them exposure from time to time.”

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