Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Launches Inspirational Ad Campaign: Celebrating Teachers as Life Moulders 

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Launches Inspirational Ad Campaign: Celebrating Teachers as Life Moulders  6th September 2023:  It is that time of the year when we come together to cherish the memories created by the guiding lights in our lives—our teachers. This year Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya pays tribute to every educator who not only shape careers but mould lives. In this spirit, the brand proudly launches a campaign, which captures the essence of the transformative power of teachers and approaches to their learner’s lives. Underlining the theme of 2023, “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”, the film captures the inspiring journey of Rohan, a 10th-grade student who found his path to success through the guidance of Kaushik Sir.

The film opens capturing the essence of Rohan’s mischievous spirit. He is in the classroom, making his classmates burst into laughter even while serving a punishment. His infectious sense of humour and playful antics make him the centre of attention. Later, Rohan is caught red-handed, soaring a meticulously crafted paper plane through the air by none other than Kaushik Sir, his stern but empathetic teacher. Rather than disciplining Rohan, Kaushik Sir recognizes his fascination with flight and channels that passion into his studies. This innovative approach piques Rohan’s interest, turning his attention from paper planes to textbooks, and setting the stage for a remarkable transformation in his academic journey.

Commenting on the campaign Ujjwal Singh, President & CEO, of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya expresses, “On this Teacher’s Day, we tip our hats to our educators, the unsung heroes who possess the uncanny ability to turn every instance of mischief into moments of wonder. They believe in us even when we struggle to believe in ourselves, nurturing our strengths and guiding us through our weaknesses. Our triumphs stand as a testament to their relentless dedication and passion. At Infinity Learn, we are resolute in our mission to foster an empowering environment for learning. We firmly believe every student holds a wellspring of untapped potential, and it’s our vision to help them recognize and nurture it”.

In a moving scene, Kaushik Sir leaves Rohan a handwritten note after months of giving him guidance and mentorship, bringing the campaign to a heartfelt conclusion. “To that little boy who dreamed of flying a plane, it’s time to take off,” the note begins. As much as I do, I believe in your dreams. This moving message highlights how Kaushik Sir not only encouraged Rohan’s academic growth but also encouraged the belief in his dreams, making them his own. It captures the deep bond that has grown between teacher and pupil. It serves as a moving reminder of the enduring influence teachers can have on their students, giving them the self-assurance to reach new heights.

Infinity Learn continues to be at the forefront of innovative education, offering a wide range of courses and resources designed to empower students on their learning journey. We remain dedicated to our mission of creating future leaders and change-makers through education.

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