Kidspreneurship’s Innovative EdTech Solution for K-12 Schools To Foster An Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Students

Kidspreneurship’s Innovative EdTech Solution for K-12 Schools To Foster An Entrepreneurial Mindset Among StudentsNew Delhi, Sep 18, 2023: Kidspreneurship, a preeminent player in the education technology domain, brings forth a transformative EdTech solution aimed at K12 schools, eyeing to integrate an Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme into their curriculum.  

With an unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering innovation, Kidspreneurship’s platform promises to redefine the landscape of entrepreneurship education in schools 

The Kidspreneurship Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme is an immersive programme meticulously crafted to instil entrepreneurial thinking among students in K12. This solution seamlessly integrates into school curricula, equipping students with the skills, creativity, and problem-solving acumen crucial for success in today’s dynamic world.   

Aligned with NEP 2020, it supports schools in effectively incorporating creative and critical thinking while reducing focus on theoretical concepts in academics. This comprehensive programme also encompasses numerous engaging features, including interactive online modules, educational games, real-world case studies, industry challenges, quizzes, assignments and invaluable mentorship opportunities.   

Its core objective is to inspire students to explore their entrepreneurial potential, develop leadership qualities, and gain a profound understanding of financial literacy. All of these are currently not part of the school’s curriculum.   

Sharing her excitement about licensing the platform to schools, Ms. Swati Gauba, Founder and Thinker in Chief of Kidspreneurship, said, “We are thrilled to present our EdTech solution to K12 schools worldwide. Our mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial spark in young minds and prepare them for a future where adaptability and innovation are paramount.”  

Echoing her views, Ms. Tanya Sarin, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Kidspreneurship, stated, “Our goal is to help all students learn and grow, experiencing success and self-discovery through entrepreneurial thinking.”   

To garner a firsthand look at the Kidspreneurship Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme in action, watch the video:  

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