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World Youth Skills Day

11th July 2024: As the world celebrates World Youth Skills Day on July 15, 2024, Prodigy Finance is reiterating its commitment to empowering youth by supporting their pursuit of higher education and skill development. With accelerating global trends like automation, climate change, and digitalisation creating millions of new jobs, the solution lies in better education and upskilling.

Quality education can bridge the gap between industry demand and talent availability to have a skilled workforce that meets the expectations of the changing needs of the job market.

Students can study programmes in high-growth areas like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to become a part of a future-focused workforce equipped with the expertise to drive innovation and progress. The good news is that Prodigy Finance is now accepting applications for the upcoming semester on their website.

“World Youth Skills Day is a reminder of the importance of investing in the education and skill development of our youth,” said Sonal Kapoor, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Prodigy Finance. “As we celebrate World Youth Skills Day, we reaffirm our commitment to helping young people achieve their academic and professional dreams at top universities worldwide. Through education and upskilling, we can build a brighter future for all.”

International education helps create a more skilled and diverse workforce by promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. The diverse student communities at top universities allow young people to develop soft skills like collaboration, creativity, and resilience through interaction with peers and faculty from different backgrounds.

Prodigy Finance, a leading education loan provider for higher education, is committed to helping youth get the education and skills to succeed in the modern world. Whether you are studying at its supported universities in the US, UK, Australia, or a university of your choice, the company is here to support your education journey. Another big advantage of Prodigy Finance is its collateral-free and co-signer-free loans.

So students, worry not! Prodigy Finance is here to help make your dream of studying abroad a reality. Check your eligibility, find Prodigy Finance-supported universities, and take your career to the next level. Applications are open for students.

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