Makoons Play School Celebrates Raksha Bandhan Across All Branches

New Delhi, September 01st, 2023:  Makoons Play School, a leading name in early childhood education, is excited to announce the heartwarming celebration of Raksha Bandhan on 29th August 2023, across all its branches. This joyous occasion is a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering values of love, unity, and relationships among its young learners.

Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the bond between siblings, holds special significance in Indian culture. Makoons Play School, known for its holistic approach to education, believes in instilling these values from a tender age.

The Raksha Bandhan celebrations at Makoons Play School will be a blend of traditional customs and modern learning experiences, ensuring a meaningful celebration for both students and parents. The event will include:

  1. Rakhi Making Workshops: Children will have the opportunity to create personalized Rakhis, showcasing their creativity and artistic talents. These Rakhis will symbolize the special bond shared between siblings.
  1. Sibling Bonding Activities: Siblings studying at MathoonsPlay School will engage in fun and interactive activities designed to strengthen their bond. These activities will encourage teamwork, communication, and mutual respect.
  1. Cultural Insights: MakoonsPlay School believes in fostering a sense of cultural appreciation. During the celebration, children will learn about the significance of Raksha Bandhan and the values it represents.
  1. Storytelling Sessions: Stories about sibling relationships and the history of Raksha Bandhan will be shared with the children, enhancing their understanding of the festival’s meaning.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, the CEO & Founder of Makoons Group of Schoolsexpressed his excitement about the upcoming celebration, stating, “Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful occasion to emphasize the importance of relationships in our students’ lives. Through this celebration, we aim to nurture values that promote love, care, and unity among our little learners.”

The Raksha Bandhan celebration at Makoons Play School is a testament to the school’s dedication to holistic development and character building in its students. By blending cultural traditions with modern learning experiences, the school continues to create an enriching educational environment.

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