Narula Institute of Technology’s Dynamic Students Induction Program

NARULA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY'S DYNAMIC STUDENTS INDUCTION PROGRAM Kolkata, 8th August 2023:  The Narula Institute of Technology, a prominent educational initiative of JIS Group, organized a week-long Students Induction Programme (SIP) from August 2nd, 2023. The inauguration of this event was graced by an assembly of distinguished luminaries, exemplified by the presence of Mr. Vibhor Tandon, Joint Treasurer of the Calcutta Management Association, Mr. Sujit Dutta, GM-HR of Corelynx Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Rushvir Singh, the CEO of Pink to Chemicals, Commander V. K. Jaitly,  Swami Vedatitananda ji of Belur Math Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamnadira and the renowned former footballer and ex-captain of the National Football Team, Mr. Dipendu Biswas.

These esteemed guests, with their wealth of insights and experiences from their respective domains, kindled a profound inspiration and motivation among the students.

The fundamental goal of the program was to acquaint the students with the profound cultural ethos of the Narula Institute of Technology, transcending conventional classroom boundaries, and fostering a holistic educational journey. This event effectively forged a platform for the students to engage and evolve as conscientious stewards of tomorrow’s world.

As a symbol of unity, a friendly match was organized between the senior students and the newcomers. This was inaugurated by the eminent footballer Mr. Dipendu Biswas. This spirited match not only nourished a sense of camaraderie but also instilled a sense of fraternity among the students.

The inaugural ceremony unfolded with exuberant participation from the youth, greeted warmly by Prof. (Dr.) Soumen Banerjee, the esteemed Principal of the Institute. Dr. Nidhi Singh, the Registrar, fervently emphasized the institution’s protocols and guidelines, extending heartfelt greetings to the fledgling scholars as they embarked upon their maiden voyage into the realm of professionalism.

The senior students wholeheartedly embraced the role of mentors, leading the newcomers through a virtual tour of the sprawling campus. This tour showcased the array of facilities and events that embellish the institute’s calendar, while also offering assurance that the Narula Institute of Technology stands totally committed to a stringent no-ragging policy and cultivating an environment of security and support for all.

On the concluding day of the week-long SIP, an air of cultural jubilation enveloped the campus as the students celebrated the essence of friendship, preluding Friendship Day. The vibrant atmosphere resounded with the echoes of song, dance, and festivity, effectively crafting an ambience of unison and jubilance. The presence of Commander V. K. Jaitly, a venerable guest, infused the occasion with visionary ideas and the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, beckoning the fledgling minds to pursue excellence and exemplify compassion as forthcoming leaders in society. The poignant words of Mr. Rushvir Singh, the CEO of Pink to Chemicals, echoed empowerment, urging the students to dare to dream grander and to ardently embrace challenges, thus setting a precedent for others to follow, despite adversities.

Swami Vedatitananda ji, the revered Correspondent of Belur Math Ramkrishna Mission Shilpamnadira, underscored the significance of discipline in college life, elucidating how it constitutes the bedrock for a purposeful and prosperous future.

Speaking on the occasion, Sardar Simarpreet Singh, the Director of JIS Group, encapsulated the essence of Narula Institute of Technology’s Students Induction Programme, asserting, “Our commitment lies in nurturing all-encompassing educational experiences that transcend the confines of classrooms. The week-long SIP, an embodiment of our vision, has synergised distinguished guests and aspiring students, fostering bonds and igniting the spirit of leadership for tomorrow. The palpable cultural exuberance and camaraderie among our students are a testament to our endeavors.”

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