NEET UG 2023: Exam technique, high cut-off, and whether repeaters perform better

NEET UG 2023: Exam technique, high cut-off, and whether repeaters perform betterThe enormous admission test in India, the National Eligibility cum Admission Test – Undergraduate (NEET-UG), is almost approaching. The battle is fierce, with more than 21 lakh people registered for the test vying for little over one lakh MBBS seats in Indian medical institutes. On Sunday, May 7, from 2 pm to 5:20 pm, the exam will be conducted in 499 locations nationwide. We’ve gathered some advice from business leaders, educators, and career counsellors with only three weeks till the test. The students should concentrate on passing practice exams rather than learning new material with only three weeks till the exam, according to the experts.

Effects of failing grades Education experts advise students to make every attempt to prevent negative markings because they can significantly affect a student’s category. Negative marking causes many students to lose roughly 10 to 15 points from accurate responses. For the NEET-UG, students receive four points for each correctly answered question, while one mark takes away for each incorrect response. The students should begin by responding to the questions they are 100% confident in before moving on to the ones they are 75% assured in. If you attempt 150 questions and 50 are incorrect, you immediately lose 50 marks, which is remarkably lower in your rank.

Do repeat offenders fare better?

One of the main worries that many first-time exam takers have is that there would be a lot of repeaters vying for the same MBBS slots. Over time, the NEET-UG has seen an increase in repeaters, making the test more difficult. The experts advise the students to concentrate solely on their specially assemble rather than on the number of applications or repeaters.

Looking at past admissions data, repeat applicants make up about 60% of those accepted into government medical colleges. It occurs because first-year students must balance preparation for admission examinations with board exams, yet many of these students wind up performing better as well.

Avoid going beyond your limits.

Industry analysts continued, “One of the most crucial things is that the candidates be in a good mental and physical state on the day of the exam.” The student must be well-rested and in decent physical condition before the exam. As a result, you should try to go for a 30-minute walk each day to get some exercise and get enough rest. Avoid placing too much pressure on yourself and limit your attention in the last days to practice exams. Exam anxiety can be reduced by meditation, particularly through guided meditation sessions that are simple to locate on YouTube. Additionally, it is crucial to have a daily study schedule.

According to Gaurav Tyagi, founder of Career Xpert

The students should attempt to achieve a high mark on at least five to ten practice test papers before the exam. Since the cut-off is anticipated to be high this year, you must achieve at least 600 points if you want to attend a government college. To choose which institution you can go to, you should also study the results of your practice exams.

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