Schools pay tribute to farmers at Baisakhi festival events

Schools pay tribute to farmers at Baisakhi festival events

Baisakhi festival is a very popular and widely celebrated festival in North India. It marks the spring harvest day for the farmers and is revered across India. The schools also organised special Baisakhi events to pay homage to the farmers and how they serve as the backbone of the country and its economy.

The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini recently put up an opulent Baisakhi event on the school premises. The students came dressed up in traditional attires in high spirits. They were seen enjoying and exuberantly dancing to the beats of Dhol, increasing the festival magic. The school was embellished with kites, yellow flowers, and colourful artistry. The decorations truly brought the core values of the Baisakhi festival alive.

Shubhi Soni,Head of School, TSWY Rohini, said, “It was lovely to see children having the times of their lives and connecting to the roots of our country. Baisakhi is an important spring harvest festival, and we organised the event to spread knowledge about how farmers play such an important role of ‘Annadatas’ in our lives.” 

TDI International School, Kundli came up with an exhilarating event to celebrate Baisakhi and Mahavir Jayanti. The liveliness of children clad in traditional Punjabi dresses and rollicking to the tunes of Bhangra and Gidda drew a fantastic spectacle. The students also raised slogans like ‘Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan’ to salute the contributions of farmers in the nation-building process.

Expressing his views on the event, Harender Kumar Sharma, Principal, TDI International school, said, “We were ecstatic to see the enthusiastic performances and slogans of the children at the event. The Baisakhi and Mahavir Jayanti are the important festivals of India. Students are the future, so it was a great way to connect them to the cultural fabric of our country.”

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