St. George’s University Mini Med Program Held at Ramaiah International Medical School, Bengaluru

Bengaluru, 27th January 2023: St. George’s University (SGU), Grenada, in association with the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, hosted their Mini-Med Program from 16-18 January. The program is designed to assist students to determine their interest in pursuing a profession in medicine. This poses a great opportunity for them to not just meet their potential teachers and peers, but also to gain a competitive edge while planning their higher education in medicine. The 3-day program comprised various sessions where students gained practical skills through training, and doctor shadowing, and had the opportunity to participate in lab work through small group sessions.

Dr. Coey (top center) and Dr. Shalini (second row, third from right) along with the students attending the Mini Med program

Dr. James Coey, Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences at St. George’s University, School of Medicine, met students and spoke about the evolution of medicine alongside sharing informative insights on the advancement in medical imagery. During the event, Dr. Coey also conducted a session with prospective parents to educate them on the various offerings by SGU. Dr. Shalini Sivanajiah, Associate Dean at Ramaiah International Medical School, on the other hand, introduced students to ‘Doctor Shadowing’ and conducted group activities to give them a general overview of the various medical methods employed.

In association with the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, St. George’s University organizes the SGU Mini-Med Program on a biannual basis. At the conclusion of the 2023 SGU Mini-Med Program, Dr. James Coey said, “This year’s program was a huge success. With over 25 students in attendance, our staff and the students had some insightful interactions and informative sessions around pursuing a medical career, and we are looking forward to seeing many of these students as part of the new academic year.”

Adding to this, Dr. Shalini Sivanajiah, said, “It has been an encouraging experience to witness such an outstanding turnout of students for our Mini-Med program. Real-time interactions and insightful sessions such as the Doctor Shadowing session further stimulated their curiosity and willingness to learn more about the nuances of a medical profession.”

Aimed at providing students with a first look into the life of a medical student, the SGU Mini-Med program served as an insightful introduction to a medical educational journey.

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