SVKM’s NMIMS STME Launches Community Services Course, Empowering Students to Make a Positive Impact

SVKM’s NMIMS STME Launches Community Services Course, Empowering Students to Make a Positive ImpactMumbai,23 August 2023:  SVKM’s NMIMS Indore School of Technology Management & Engineering (STME) is implementing a new non-credit course titled “Community Services” for all B.Tech. / MBA Tech. students admitted from the academic year 2021-22 onwards, and all the lateral entry (Diploma to Degree and similar) students admitted from the academic year 2022-23 onwards at all STME campuses. The course will enable students to engage in non-credit courses designed to give back to the community and make a positive impact. It will provide students with a unique opportunity to volunteer their services at various Government, Non-government agencies, Hospitals, Schools, and the Community.

The “Community Services” course spans a period of three consecutive weeks during the summer vacation between Semester II and Semester III for first-year students and during the summer vacation between Semester IV and Semester V for lateral entry students. At the core of this course is the service-learning method, which effectively integrates academic work with service activities. Through this approach, students will not only gain practical experience but also develop and enhance organizational, and leadership skills, and character. Students will also gain an understanding of critical issues facing society and encourage students to explore all aspects of giving back to the community. 

Dr. Aquil Bunglowala, Associate Dean, STME, Indore, said, “We strongly believe that education extends beyond textbooks and traditional classrooms. Our ‘Community Services’ course offers our students the opportunity to venture beyond their classrooms and immerse themselves in real-world experiences. By engaging with communities and addressing issues, they will develop a deep sense of empathy and social responsibility. This course perfectly aligns with our goal of nurturing leaders who can bring about change in the world.”

Upon successful completion of the course, students will achieve several outcomes, including increased self-awareness, improved interpersonal communication, leadership, and organizational skills. They will develop empathy, compassion, and cooperation while enhancing critical thinking and communication abilities. The course is aligned with the vision and mission of STME, aiming to produce socially responsible citizens who excel in both engineering and management disciplines.

This initiative is set to be rolled out across all campuses of STME, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to produce socially conscious and well-rounded graduates.

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