TAPAS announces its new school campus designed under India’s first school campus redesign hackathon ‘Jaga’

TAPAS announces its new school campus designed under India’s first school campus redesign hackathon ‘Jaga’ Bengaluru, 18th August 2023: Bangalore-based 100% project-based learning school Tapas has announced the launch of its brand-new campus that will be unveiled soon. The ideation process for the campus design was started a year back through Tapas’ school campus redesign hackathon ‘Jaga’. The new design of the upcoming campus is aimed at providing learning opportunities to students throughout the school campus.

Jaga aimed to speak to students, parents, and experts and come up with innovative ideas to break away from the cookie-cutter approach to designing classrooms. Traditionally, classrooms have always had teacher-centric layouts. These classrooms do not encourage collaboration among the learners, restrict flexibility, and make for rigid learning experiences.

Sharing her thoughts on this initiative, Preethi Vickram, Founder of Tapas School said, “The idea behind conducting Jaga was to start a dialogue around this, brainstorm, and come up with ideas to make school campuses more flexible and conducive to learning. Through Jaga, the Tapas management collated ideas from 225 students across the country. These ideas were vetted by educationists, child psychologists, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs. These ideas formed the basis of the design process for the new campus. The architect kept the children’s ideas and thoughts at the centre of their design.”

Tapas is a micro-school with a vision to make a macro difference. The curriculum has been designed to keep the learner at the centre and focuses on the holistic development of the students by ensuring access, equity, relevance, quality, and strong foundational learning.

The mission-driven progressive educational institution focuses on value-based learning that teaches children to be contributing citizens and not just consumers. Tapas believes that concepts are not inherently complex – it’s the way the students are equipped with the right mindset and skills to thrive that makes the difference. The school has created an environment where adults act as facilitators, challenging the children to think critically and expand their learning. The learning experiences are complemented by its state-of-the-art collaborative learning spaces including the art village and makers’ space, among others.

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