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Thakur Global Business School (TGBS) Facilitates Employee Social Security Awareness Program in Collaboration with EPFO and ESIC

Thakur Global Business School (TGBS) Facilitates Employee Social Security Awareness Program in Collaboration with EPFO and ESICMumbai, 30th November, 2023: Thakur Global Business School (TGBS) spearheaded a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing Social Security awareness for employees and employers alike. In collaboration with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) and the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), TGBS hosted a successful awareness program on its campus.

A grievance platform for members and an information exchange network with stakeholders, the programme was especially focused on raising awareness and reaching out to employers and employees. This awareness programme takes place in different regions of the city on the 27th of every month.

The current month’s theme is:

This awareness campaign also witnessed medical benefits of the employees provided by ESIC including medical , sickness, maternity, disablement , old age medical care and many other medical benefits and allowance.

Dr. Nilesh Gokhale, Director, TGBS said, “We believe in empowering our workforce with knowledge that extends beyond textbooks. This collaboration with EPFO and ESIC underscores our commitment to holistic education. Understanding the intricacies of employee benefits is paramount for personal and professional growth. We extend our gratitude to our esteemed guests for sharing their expertise and enlightening our campus community.”

“It is imperative for individuals entering the workforce to comprehend the nuances of provident funds and pension schemes. Such knowledge not only empowers individuals but also ensures Social Security in the long run. We appreciate TGBS for taking this initiative to educate the current and future workforce,” said by Tushar Gujarathi, District Nodal Officer, EPFO.

Mayank Raj, branch Manager, Borivali and Kandivali, ESIC said that “ESIC is proud to be part of initiatives that promote awareness about employee benefits. The event at Thakur Global Business School provided a platform to address queries and concerns related to employee state insurance. We encourage institutions to actively engage in such programs to build a more informed workforce.

The program featured interactive sessions, allowing participants to pose questions and seek clarification on various aspects of employee benefits. Beyond student education, TGBS remains committed to facilitating practical knowledge for employees and employers, preparing them for the challenges of the professional world.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Labour and Employment, EPFO continues its commitment to employee welfare, exemplified through initiatives like “Suvidha Samagam” with ESIC and “Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.O” with EPFO.

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