The Premia Academy Celebrates Annual Day 2022

The Premia Academy Celebrates Annual Day 2022

Hyderabad: 06th December 2022: The Premia Academy, a premium educational institution raising kids to be socially responsible citizens, celebrated its Annual Day 2022 amidst great splendor, mirth, and zest. Ms. Lalitha Naidu Injety, Principal, Ambitus World School graced the event as the Hon’ble Chief Guest on the occasion. The school senior management welcomed the guests and shared the School’s achievements. The cultural fiesta was marked by a series of exotic performances depicting the diversity of our culture, creating a festive mood.

The Cultural Programme based on the theme ‘Krishnadevaraya – An ode to Bahubali of Vijyayanagara Empire’ comprised an artistic representation of the great ruler Sri Krishnadevaraya. He was a warrior, a statesman, and a scholar and he excelled over all the other rulers of his time in India. The event portrayed the greatness of Krishnadevaraya in a healthy, harmonious, and pleasant way. The guests, parents, and students were seen enjoying the performances and having a great time.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sindhuri Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director, The Premia Academy said, “We are delighted to celebrate the 3rd Annual Day at Premia Academy.  We at Premia Academy focus on the holistic development of the kids, and ‘RAISE’ socially responsible kids. We are pleased to see the artistic depiction of the glory of the Vijayanagara Empire and its impact on our culture. Such events reaffirm our belief to focus on academic excellence besides encouraging students to participate in cultural activities like music, dance, and participation in plays and speeches to enhance their confidence and complete personality development.”

Adding to this, Mr. Trupti Rao, Principal, The Premia Academy said, “The Premia Academy is standing firm and indomitable for the last three years in imparting great education. We are happy that the school has stood for the core values of resilience, agility, innovation, social responsibility, and empathy and is achieving such great excellence and providing world-class exposure to students. The credit for taking it to such a height of success goes to the relentless and dedicated efforts of our teachers. We are proud that the school’s unflinching efforts to cater to the holistic development of a child’s personality are what makes us unique and special.”

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