The Premia Academy’s Visionary MUN Conference Shapes Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

The Premia Academy's Visionary MUN Conference Shapes Tomorrow's Global LeadersHyderabad, 26th August 2023: The Premia Academy, renowned for its innovative educational approach, recently organized a remarkable event – The Premia Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. This event provided students with the opportunity to engage in diplomatic discussions, negotiation, and creative problem-solving. The theme of the conference was Sustainable Development, Peace and Security, Human Rights and Social Justice, Global Health, Economic Development, Trade, as well as Cybersecurity and Digital Governance.

The Premia MUN Conference introduced a new dimension by involving the Lok Sabha, India’s House of the People. This innovative inclusion provided students with a unique chance to explore both international and domestic policy frameworks, enriching their understanding of global affairs and governance intricacies. The conference encouraged vibrant discussions, with participants stepping into delegate roles and proposing imaginative solutions that balanced global challenges with the complexities of political agendas. The delegates deliberated on a variety of topics, including Human Rights and social Justice, along with other pressing global concerns.

The Premia Academy extended sincere gratitude to participants and faculty members for their combined efforts that led to the event’s resounding success. The Premia Academy remains unwavering in its mission to provide exceptional education and offer students unparalleled opportunities for growth and enrichment. To conclude the conference on an energetic high, Hip Hop dance battles were held, adding an exciting and memorable element to the proceedings.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sinduri Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director of The Premia Academy, said “I am truly delighted to witness the unwavering commitment of the students participating in The Premia MUN. The students showcased a profound understanding of global concerns and demonstrated comprehensive knowledge about the various issues discussed. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the delegates for their spectacular performance.

Adding to this, Ms. Trupti Rao, Principal of The Premia Academy, said The Premia MUN Conference highlights our commitment to nurturing compassionate global citizens. I deeply value the passion and dedication shown by our students. This platform empowers them with the skills to address complex challenges through engaging discussions. Beyond classrooms, The Premia MUN shapes individuals who are well-equipped to create a positive impact on the world.

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