AK Jatti’s Dhokebaaz Balam is Out Now

AK Jatti’s Dhokebaaz Balam is Out Now

Dhokebaaz Balam, Haryanvi Music Video, sung by Ak Jatti and Gagan Haryanvi on the cute relationship of husband and wife was released on Unfiltered by Koinage YouTube and other music streaming platforms on 9th March 2022.

Dhokebaaz Balam features Pardeep Lohan, Ruba Khan, along with AK Jatti as the main lead, and is directed by well-known director Ameet Choudhary.

Dhokebaaz Balam is all about the cute banters among husband and wife where the wife is fed up from husband and calls him Dhokebaaz Balam as he never fulfills his promises. On the contrary, the husband is trying to calm her and is saying that he will fulfill all her desires.

“I feel people connect with the songs that they can relate to and husband and wife banters are never-ending and are universal. Dhokebaaz Balam is all about that and Pardeep Lohan and Ruba also portrayed it well. I am hoping people will love Dhokebaaz Balam and share with the people around.” said A K Jatti. 

Annu Kadyan a.k.a AK Jatti is a well-known singer and lyricist associated with the Haryanvi Music Industry. She started her career at a very tender age and has come a long way in the Haryanvi music industry. Her hit tracks are Taagdi, Main Gori Tu Kala, Jhanhjar, English Medium, Bahu Kale Ki and a few others.

Koinage Records with Unfiltered by Koinage stepped into the Haryanvi music industry in January 2021 with Yarron Ka Group and till now has released various songs like Gulaam, Lie, Bullet, Petrol Pump, Mahabharat, Botal Bargi with singers like Manisha Sharma, D Naveen, Renuka Panwar, and a few more.

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