Hoopr Originals Once Again Makes Noise With the Release of Shriya Pareek’s Original Track “Mehendi Te Vavi”

Hoopr Originals Once Again Makes Noise With the Release of Shriya Pareek’s Original Track “Mehendi Te Vavi”

Mumbai, 30th December 2022: Mumbai-based music licensing platform Hoopr releases its new song titled, ‘Mehendi Te Vavi’ written by singer-songwriter Shriya Pareek. This is the latest release in a string of original tracks that Hoopr has released since starting its business earlier this year.

Mumbai-born Shriya Pareek, aka Shaandaar Shriya, is a singer-songwriter who made her Bollywood debut with her first single, “Teri Zameen,” written for the film “Raag Desh.” She subsequently continued lending her voice to movies with songs such as, “Aa Fuaad Te Todyu.” She has also experimented with her abilities as an anchor beyond the music industry, interviewing personalities such as SRK, Arjun Kanungo, Darshan Raval, Diana Penty, Ali Fazal, Jassie Gill, vocalist Savita Seth, and many more. These interactions benefited her holistic artistic development as well. Currently focusing on music, Shriya is excited about meeting people and sharing her experiences through her work and performances.

Original songs such as “Mehendi Te Vavi” have continuously been published by Hoopr this year. The platform for licencing music offers thousands of tracks, SFX, and scores. It is looking forward to actively collaborating with burgeoning artists, supporting them, and winning as a team. Original compositions composed and sung by diverse musicians from across India are an important component in promoting the Sounds of India.

Music Video: http://bit.ly/3IaBYiL

Hoopr track: http://bit.ly/3WBj2NM

Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder, Hoopr, said, “Hoopr Originals is that platform, which will enable emerging artists who are producing music for Hoopr to gain recognition in the business. Shriya is a gifted songwriter and performer, and her song “Mehendi Te Vavi” really shows off her skills.”

The platform not only helps artists by promoting and publishing original music, but also supports them commercially. The artists at Hoopr Originals get the opportunity to earn money through sync. Users will have access to original songs such as “Mehendi Te Vavi,” “Mera Chanda’ by Rishi Pathak, ‘Kyun main Kahoon’ by Abhinav Singh, and many more on Hoopr. Subscribers on Hoopr can license and use these songs in their videos, vlogs, and other content. The platform will aid in the discovery of new artists as well as their global exposure.

“Through Hoopr and Songfest, we’ve worked with a number of well-known actors and musicians over the past few years, including Shaan, Divya Kumar, Ash King, Monali Thakur, Mame Khan, and Shamali Kholgade, as well as a number of important influencers. However, as we have built Hoopr over the past eight to nine months, we have noticed a repertoire and diversity of fresh songwriters, composers, music producers, and musicians across India. We are happy that the platform gives exceptional talents a way to showcase their fantastic work. Our previous releases, ‘Mere Chanda’ by Rishi Pathak, have garnered over 20k views in just 2 weeks, while Abhinav Singh’s ‘Kyun Main Kahoon’ has crossed 30k views.” shares Meghna Mittal, Co-founder and CMO at Hoopr.

Hoopr is a music licensing platform that is helping artists such as Shriya receive more exposure. The music available on the platform can be used across a wide variety of content, – videos and vlogs by individual creators, professional ads, TV series, movies, live game streaming, etc. The Mumbai-based company provides music that has all the appropriate licenses so anyone who uses it doesn’t have to worry about royalties, copyright issues, etc. Crucially, this means that using music from Hoopr helps users avoid takedowns and lawsuits. Subscribers to Hoopr can access 25,000 music tracks and 3,000 sound effects from artists all over India. The music on Hoopr is also completely exclusive to the platform.

It is noteworthy to mention that many of the films that recently won awards at the India Film Project used songs from Hoopr. The artists of these songs got their due credit and recognition, which might not have happened if they weren’t on the platform. Some of its users include content creators such as Ashish Vidyarthi and Tanya Khanijow, along with brands such as New Jagran Media.

Hoopr has seen over 45,000 users sign up on the platform since its launch to the public in July 2022, and these users include content creators, filmmakers, enterprises, and brands across India.

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