Independent Album ‘Bangaru Bomma’ Sensation Among Music Connoisseurs

Hyderabad, 5th July 2024: Independent albums are the latest sensation, with even popular actors and actresses producing their own music. Among these, the independent album “Bangaru Bomma,” featuring MC Hari and FT. Prozach, is reigning in the music world and winning hearts everywhere. The duo not only acted in the album but also scripted and sang the song. The composition was masterfully crafted by Vedam Vamshi. Produced by Praneeth Nekuri under the Crystolyte Media Creations banner, Directed by Rakshit Gururi. This album stands out with its mesmerizing visuals and unique concept.


The Bangaru Bomma album was released by Oscar Award winning lyricist Shri Chandra Bose, famed for “Naatu Naatu.” Speaking on the occasion, he noted that the music connoisseurs are eagerly embracing independent albums and praised the visuals and conceptualization of “Bangaru Bomma” as both eye-catching and mind-boggling. The album’s producer, Dr. Praneeth, a practicing doctor in the USA, travelled all the way to bring this project to life. The song features two distinct layers, heralding a new trend in the music industry. “Bangaru Bomma” is set to make waves and wish it the greatest success.

Producer Dr. Praneeth Nekuri has embarked on an extraordinary collaboration with renowned artists like Indian artists such as SP Balasubramanyam, K.J. Yesudas, Geetha Madhuri, Shreya Ghoshal, Sreeram Chandra, Yazin Nahir, Vedala Hemachandra, Shilpa, Nawab Gang, MC Hari, WUTANG CLAN, Lil Rello, and MC Ferg etc and also collaborated with talented and renowned European artists like Lil Kleine, Bizzey, Ronnie Flex, and Boef have made them earn their place in the global community. with his production house, Crystolyte Media Creations. This venture promises a series of grand projects in the near future, setting the stage for an exciting new era in music production.

His upcoming Bangaru Bomma album will be showcased at the Times Square in New York, this weekend.

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