Listen To The Music, the 3rd single from CG5 via VMG is coming Today, June 28th

Listen to the Music

28th June, Los Angeles, CA – CG5, the prolific singer, songwriter, and music producer, is set to release his latest single, “Listen to the Music,” on June 28th, blending country and pop in a Summer Anthem.

Inspiration for “Listen to the Music” came to CG5 in a dream, where he envisioned Justin Bieber performing the chorus in a concert. When awake, CG5 realized the song didn’t exist – yet. Determined to bring his vision to life, he penned the lyrics and recorded the track, eager to explore a new sound he hasn’t tapped into yet.

“Listen to the Music” embodies the uplifting power of music, offering a respite from life’s challenges and delivering a dose of positivity with every note. Charlie explains, “This song was written based on the positive feelings that can come from just listening to music, tuning out all the hardships of life, and automatically making life just a little bit better.” Charlie also states, “This year is the year for country bops, so I figured I’d throw another one into the mix to bring us all into the summer.”

As anticipation builds for the release of “Listen to the Music,” CG5 assures fans there’s more excitement on the horizon. Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks, as CG5 prepares for a special performance at VidCon 2024, and is currently gearing up for his international summer tour. “Listen to the Music” will be available for streaming on major platforms starting June 28th.

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