5 Yoga and Nutritionist Influencers to Follow for Daily Inspiration

Daily practices that include yoga and nutrition can change the body and mind and promote a more balanced and healthier way of living. Keeping up with influencers who are experts in these fields offers constant inspiration, advice, and direction to keep on course. These five outstanding yoga and nutritionist influencers motivate and uplift with their creative recipes, professional guidance, and dynamic yoga practices. Regardless of your level of experience, these influencers may provide you with a lot of information and motivation to reach your wellness objectives. For those trying to improve their everyday health routines, their curriculum is a goldmine, covering everything from mindful eating to complex yoga poses.

Simrat Kathuria 

Dr. Simrat Kathuria, a celebrity dietician and wellness coach and the founder of The Diet Xperts, provides a comprehensive approach to health and wellness with evidence-based methods centered on regular food and lifestyle choices. The DietXperts helps people reach their health goals in a world where wellbeing and health are of utmost importance. The DietXperts was established with the goal of changing how people view nutrition, and it has established itself as a premier source of individualized, scientifically supported dietary advising.

Anushka Parwani

Anshuka offers a diverse range of guidance, including yoga poses for indolent nights, pranayama lessons, and yoga advice. It is upbeat and playful.Although most of her work is appropriate for all audiences, she specifically answers issues about yoga that are specific to women. Numerous videos exist that clarify which poses are beneficial for specific problems, how to perform them correctly, and provide useful information.

Radhika Bose 

Radhika provides excellent yoga and fitness techniques. Not to mention, her account is full of amazing fashion and photoshoots if you’re seeking visually appealing images!
Radhika has spoken at TEDx about the value of fitness and exercise as well as how there are ways to deal with setbacks and overcome obstacles in life.

Neha Bangia

Neha is an industrious and multifaceted individual who possesses skills as a yoga practitioner, fitness teacher, runner, hiker, backpacker, nutritionist, and Fit India champion. She posts inspirational quotes, new yoga poses and promotes body positivity.

Lavleen Kaur

 Diet Insight is a nutrition and wellness clinic headed by Lavleen Kaur, who also serves as its founder. The clinic assists clients in reaching their wellness objectives by modifying their diets and lifestyles. She has been a professional nutritionist and lifestyle coach for more than nine years. She also has various master’s degrees in public health, education, cuisines, and nutrition. Lavleen advocates a comprehensive approach that emphasizes developing healthy habits that are long-lasting and do not require fad diets or fads. She is a Fit India Ambassador and a life member of the Indian Dietetic Association.

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