Bangalore Mega Health Camp

Bangalore Mega Health CampBengaluru 12 Aug 2023: Residents of Bangalore are likely familiar with the exceptional medical facilities and healthcare services available in the city. However, individuals residing in rural and semi-urban areas on the outskirts of Bangalore often face challenges in accessing affordable and high-quality healthcare. To address this gap, Presidency University, Bangalore in association with Presidency Foundation hosted a Mega Health Camp on August 12, 2023.  The Chief Guest for the event was Yelahanka MLA Shri S. R. Vishwanath.  The health camp was attended by over 2000 individuals from 54 villages who were treated by 60 doctors, 55 paramedics, and nurses.

The Mega Health Camp was organized by the University with the goal of meeting the community’s healthcare needs. Free health diagnosis and screening was provided to underprivileged patients requiring medical attention. Experienced doctors and physicians from well-known hospitals conducted comprehensive health checkups and diagnoses during the camp.

The health camp was organized with the objective of offering complimentary Ayurvedic consultations and medications, as well as general health examinations and medications. The medical camp’s main highlight was the provision of free surgeries for patients with conditions such as piles, appendicitis, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, and hernias. The camp was open to all individuals in need of medical care, regardless of their age, gender, caste, or economic status. Services offered included:

Yelahanka MLA Shri S. R. Vishwanath inaugurating the Mega Health Camp organised at Presidency University, Bengaluru

  • Diagnostic tests are done for blood pressure, blood sugar.
  • Computerised eye tests, surgery, and distribution of glasses.
  • Gynaecological exams for women
  • Cardiac checkup- consultation through ECG
  • Cervical and Breast cancer checkup and advice.
  • Speech and hearing checkup


Speaking at the inauguration of the Mega Health Camp Yelahanka MLA Shri S. R. Vishwanath said “As a government, we are committed to the well-being of our citizens, and events like this mega health camp reaffirm that commitment. It’s heartening to see the collaboration between the Presidency team and the healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing quality care. Such initiatives not only promote health awareness but also underline the importance of preventive healthcare for the needy. Our goal is to create a healthier nation, and today’s event is a significant step in that direction.”

Dr. Nissar Ahmed, the Chancellor, expressed his pride in the achievements of the students and the University’s commitment to providing them with transformative experiences. He stated, “I am immensely proud of our students, faculty, and all the dedicated organizers who have made this mega health camp a resounding success. Your hard work, commitment, and passion for community well-being are truly commendable. This event not only showcases the exceptional capabilities within our institution but also highlights our collective responsibility towards society. By offering healthcare services to a wide spectrum of individuals, you are embodying the spirit of empathy and service that we hold dear.”

This mega health camp stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the unwavering dedication to community well-being. The combined efforts of our students, faculty, healthcare professionals, and volunteers have resulted in a truly remarkable event that has touched the lives of many.

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