Dr KK’s Heart Care Foundation of India and MedTalks launch Dr KK Aggarwal Oration series on Doctor’s Day celebrating #HeroesWhoHeal

Dr KK’s Heart Care Foundation of India and MedTalks launch Dr KK Aggarwal Oration series on Doctor’s Day celebrating #HeroesWhoHeal

Dr KK’s Heart CareFoundation of India (HCFI), a leading national non-profit organization committed to making India a healthier and disease-free nation, and MedTalks, a leading healthcare Learning and Patient Education Platform, celebrated the #HeroesWhoHeal this Doctor’s Day with a campaign. The campaign lauds healthcare practitioners associated with the NGO for their contribution and efforts in saving lives.

The day also marked the launch of Dr KK Aggarwal Oration series, in the name of Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal. The first-ever oration in the series will be delivered by Dr Sanjiv Chopra, Professor at Harvard Medical School and New York Times Bestselling Author on “Dharma, Happiness, and Living with Purpose.” The session is being moderated by Shri Nalin S Kohli Renowned Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Indian politician and former prime-time anchor of Doordarshan.

A video hailing the contribution of doctors and other healthcare professionals was also launched as part of the integrated campaign (https://youtu.be/xdXEJoJ6Hh0). The video has been made by Red Comet Films, a leading production house founded by Mr Ankit Ahuja and it showcases how heroes rise during challenging times and work for the welfare of people without any expectations. It brings out the essence of a healthcare professional’s life.

Speaking about this, Dr Veena Aggarwal, Trustee Dr KK’ Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), said, “Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal was one of the most pioneering doctors the country has had. He was always ahead of his times and the voice of the medical fraternity. Apart from the fact that we are acknowledging the efforts of our fellow healthcare workers on this Doctor’s Day, this campaign is also a befitting tribute to Dr Aggarwal himself, the man known as “the doctor with a stethoscope.”

Talking about the medical fraternity, Dr Sanjiv Chopra, said, “Healthcare professionals never stop working or saving lives. Even in the most adverse of times, such as the current pandemic, they are at the forefront. I am glad to speak at the first Dr KK Aggarwal oration, named after a man who had all his life worked for the welfare of the medical community and people at large. The topic of the oration also signifies what the healthcare community stands for, which is living with a purpose and fulfilling their duty (dharma). It is not just a celebration of his life but also that of healthcare community and their efforts.”

Shri Nalin S Kohli, added, “I have known Dr KK Aggarwal since a long time. He had been on the frontline of the war against the pandemic akin to the entire medical fraternity. It is time we understand and appreciate the efforts they put in to make sure that we live to see another day. I congratulate Dr KK’s HCFI and Medtalks for launching the #HeroesWhoHeal campaign and the oration series as a mark of respect to thousands in the healthcare community.”

According to data available by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) as many as 776 doctors have succumbed to COVID-19 during the second wave so far. However, with determination and courage, they are gearing up to fight the upcoming third wave of COVID-19. In light of this, on National Doctor’s Day, the campaign pays tribute to these heroes working relentlessly on ground.

All his life, Dr KK Aggarwal, campaigned for the rights of the medical fraternity. He was drawn to addressing violence against doctors, quackery, and other numerous challenges faced by healthcare professionals including mental health issues in the time of a crisis. He represented the collective consciousness of the medical profession and worked towards strengthening the trust between doctors and patients. The campaign is an extension of his work and will continue to shine the light on a movement he started for the larger good of people.

Praveen Dansil

Praveen Dansil

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