First aid can help yourself and others: Dr. Shabab Alam Protect yourself with first aid kit during corona period


People definitely keep a first aid kit for minor health problems or emergencies. In the time of corona epidemic, it has become even more important, because everyone wants to avoid going to the hospital. If the patient gets first aid at the right time, the life of the person concerned can be saved. By the way, usually all vehicles have a first aid box. The patient gets some rest till the ambulance arrives, so first aid is given. The purpose of first aid is to make such arrangements with less resources so that the injured person is taken to the hospital with the least amount of damage. It sometimes proves to be a life saver as well. Many times we keep the first aid box but do not check it regularly, due to which such medicines are also lying in it which have expired or are of no use to us. In such a situation, she does not come in handy when needed.

It is worth mentioning that the work of first aid is being done for centuries, but we have not been taught about it. In such a situation, it is very important to bring First Aid in our education system from the point of view of education, and this unique initiative has been taken by Dr. Shabab Alam. It has been realized by the government that there is a huge shortage of health workers in the country. Keeping this fact in mind, some institutions have been clubbed together to form a national program. Which we call the First Aid Council of India (FACI). Directed by Dr. Shabab Alam, the First Aid Council of India is an autonomous body, which collects and spreads the necessary information related to First Aid i.e. education, training, awareness, assistance and works to reach the masses. Along with this, calls for making the entire health systems in the country more robust. In today’s time, the use and knowledge of first aid is very important.

Dr. Shabab Alam, President, First Aid Council of India, says that in the crisis of Corona, there has been an increase in the demand for health institutions/doctors and staff besides trained people in providing first aid.

In fact, in a crisis situation, a first aid is no less than a hero to the victim as he is aware of all the techniques of first aid and their proper use. For this, the primary assistant is trained to reach the patients without wasting time, understand the situation and provide emergency help according to the situation. A primary assistant can safely take the patient to the hospital without delay and can save his life.

First Aid Specialist Diploma Course is a unique course, through which a positive message has been given for health security as well as self-employment across the country. Students of the state can get its benefit through the teaching center. A first aid trained, a skilled professional can provide first aid services not only at the local level but also at the national level. But all this is not possible without skillful training.

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