HCG Cancer Centre Kalaburgi Celebrates International Women’s Day by organizing Social Experiment for Mento Walk in Stilettoes

HCG Cancer CentreKalaburgi, March 2023: HCG Cancer Centre, Kalaburgi marked International Women’s Day with a one-of-its-kind campaign called ‘Colours of Empowerment.’ As part of this campaign, the centre initiated a unique social experiment at City Centre mall, where men were challenged to walk in stilettos and share their experiences on how it actually feels to be in a woman’s shoes. It aimed to create a powerful visual message, serving as a symbol of the everyday struggles of women.

The event was attended by the staff and patients of HCG Cancer Center, Kalaburgi. By challenging men to walk in stilettos, HCG hoped to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation for the physical and emotional pain experienced by women on regular basis.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anjan Poddar, Chief Operating Officer (COO), HCG Cancer Centre, Kalaburgi, said, “The ‘Colours of Empowerment’ initiative aimed at commemorating the accomplishments of women and promoting awareness about the challenges they encounter. At HCG, we wholeheartedly support the fortitude and determination of women. This social experiment gave an opportunity to men to experience women’s struggles firsthand and gain a greater appreciation for them. It was gratifying to witness numerous participants walk in solidarity for gender parity and women’s empowerment.”

The ‘Colours of Empowerment’ campaign highlights HCG’s commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. It encourages others to join this important cause and help create a better future for all women.

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