Heart attack in apparently healthy youngs, a major concern: Dr Rakesh Jain

Heart attack in apparently healthy youngs, a major concern: Dr Rakesh Jain

Recently we have witnessed a few sudden cardiac deaths due to massive heart attacks in apparently healthy young Indians including a few celebrities. Such fatal heart attacks in the young population are a major concern. What could be the reason? ……………….. Another question arises….” Are all healthy-looking persons mean they all have a healthy cardiovascular system? Definitely answer will be “NO”

This is said by city bases renowned interventional cardiologist Dr. Rakesh Jain at Mahaveer heart clinic and diagnostic center, Geeta Bhawan, on the occasion of world heart day.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading of mortality and morbidity killing nearly 17 million people globally, representing 31% of total deaths. The majority of these are due to coronary artery disease (CAD), heart attack, and stroke. CAD is becoming common in young populations (age less than 45yrs), particularly in Indian subcontinents with a prevalence of 10-15%.

Dr. Jain Said, Beyond age, major risk factors for CAD and heart attack are diabetes, hypertension, disturbed cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and an unhealthy lifestyle, which account for 85-90%. By far, the most common risk factor associated with young CAD is smoking. The prevalence of smoking in a population younger than 45yrs is 60-90% which is nearly double in comparison to a population more than 45yrs. Smoking in the presence of other conventional risk factors, and genetic and environmental risk factors predisposes young individuals to future acute cardiac events. Current smoking and obesity lead to poor prognosis and overall relatively bad outcomes in young heart attacks.

Following a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep, no smoking, physical aerobic exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes per day, eating green vegetables, and avoiding street food are the best prevention measures. In case of associated risk factors, take regular medications and measures under the supervision of your cardiologist. Go for regular health/cardiac checkups to know your cardiac health and fitness.

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