Luke Coutinho Offers 4 New Holistic Wellness Programs in Collaboration with The Art of Living

Luke Coutinho Offers 4 New Holistic Wellness Programs in Collaboration with The Art of Living

December 28, 2022: The secret of good health is balancing the mind, body and spirit! Integrative and preventive medicine expert, Luke Coutinho, collaborates with The Art of Living to better your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health. With the aim of bringing the right way of Yoga, Pranayama and meditation to the world, Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Services (LCHHS) offers four new Art
of Living programs to everyone.

Having treated thousands of clients over the past decade, Luke firmly believes that mental and emotional distress is the root cause of most health conditions. For correcting this, healing needs to begin inside out.

This led to LCHHS offering The Happiness Program, which teaches the powerful Sudarshan Kriya and bi-monthly Pranayama and Meditation sessions to its clients. The growing popularity of these online sessions has slowly brought in a rich flow of positive testimonials from Luke’s patients.

Taking this initiative further, LCHHS is expanding the line-up to include Art of Living’s Holistic well-being programs, in group and individual class formats, online. These will be open to all those looking to strengthen their body, mind and spirit. Conducted especially for LCHHS, each of these programs by Luke brings on board the best, most experienced and senior coaches of The Art of Living, with personalized follow ups and one-on-one consultations to make every session a complete energiser.

“Our common goal is to organise and use our authority, integrity, knowledge, wisdom and experience to help you create and keep your power, patience and peace,” sums up Luke.

The sessions can be booked online from Jan 2023 at

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