MyDigiRecords Unveils Pathbreaking, Comprehensive Healthcare Solution

MyDigiRecords Unveils Pathbreaking, Comprehensive Healthcare SolutionMumbai, August 23, 2023: MyDigiRecords (MDR), a brand that is enabling people to manage and organize their health data as well as assisting the government in implementing complete digitization of health records, launched its pathbreaking, comprehensive healthcare solution today at a grand event. The platform was officially launched by Dr. Saroj Gupta, Founder & CEO, MyDigiRecords, and Chris Humphreys, Chief Marketing Officer, MyDigiRecords. The launch event was graced by dignitaries such as Terry Dunn, Former CEO of JE Dunn and Investor, MyDigiRecords, Shekhar Gupta, CTO, MyDigiRecords and Viren Aggarwal, Chief Operating Officer, MyDigiRecords.

With its innovation, MDR is looking forward to transforming the healthcare ecosystem in India by making patient medical history, test results, and immunization records easily accessible and manageable. Being a standardized and interoperable platform, it is also offering a convenient solution to address all record-keeping challenges by overcoming the pitfalls of paper-based records and the fragmentation of electronic systems. Patient care will also get a boost through this efficient, patient-centric system that will aid in making informed decisions.

The new state-of-the-art MyDigiRecords app boasts of multiple cutting-edge features that will enhance the manageability of one’s health data. Users will be able to store and manage their medical records, including medical history, immunizations, prescriptions, and more, all in one secure location. Further, the platform also has certified integration with Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).

The app will automatically sync immunization records with healthcare providers (through the vaccine portal), ensuring consistency and real-time updates. This will also track all immunization data and provide notifications based on recommended immunization guidelines. It will have comprehensive information on all medications, allow users to set reminders, and notify them about potential drug-drug interactions. With cutting-edge data analytics and insights, the app offers the ability to analyze health trends over time, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s health and promoting proactive healthcare decisions. Robust data security measures and adherence to stringent privacy regulations will allow users confidentiality and integrity of healthcare records.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Saroj Gupta, Founder & CEO of, MyDigiRecords said, “As we unveil our new application, we’re excited to introduce a groundbreaking solution that will revolutionize healthcare management. Our platform empowers individuals to take control of their health journey through centralized record-keeping, immunization tracking, and medication management. We’re not just launching an app; we’re pioneering a new era of healthcare digitization in India. MyDigiRecords will continue to remain committed to fostering proactive healthcare decisions and ultimately improving the quality of life for all.”

Chris Humphreys, Chief Marketing Officer, MyDigiRecords added, “We are looking forward to aligning with various government initiatives and possibly collaborate with health authorities to integrate MDR into national healthcare strategies. Additionally, leveraging our experience in India, we also plan on expanding our footprint into other markets, adapting the platform as needed for different regulatory environments and healthcare systems. We also plan to invest in research and development to continually enhance the platform, continually incorporating new features that will address emerging healthcare challenges and opportunities.”

With its sharp focus on bringing all consumer health records under a single umbrella and comprehensive digital healthcare management, the brand is committed to enable people in managing every aspect of their health records right from their birth to the years ahead.

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