Nephrocare India celebrated World Kidney Day by organizing a Scientific Symposium for mass awareness

Nephrocare India

Kolkata, 12th March 2023: Nephrocare India, one of the most esteemed health care institutions, celebrated World Kidney Day by organizing a Scientific Symposium for mass awareness. Nephrocare is celebrating its anniversary with multiple engaging events, including mass awareness, prevention, Nutrition guidance, and holistic & therapeutic Yoga, to arrest the spreading of this silent killer held today at Golden Tulip (Saltlake) Kolkata. Map5 Events managed the event.

The World Kidney Day event was attended by: Dr. Bharat V Shah, MBBS, MD Medicine, Nephrologist & Renal specialist, Mumbai; Dr. Amit Gupta, MBBS, MD Medicine, Nephrologist & Renal specialist, Lucknow; Dr. Saubhik Sural, MD Medicine, DM Nephrology, DNB Nephrology, Kolkata; Dr. Pratim Sengupta, MD Medicine, DM Nephrology (Nephrologist & Renal transplant physician); CS (Dr.) Adv. Mamta Binani, President of MSME Development Forum WB Chapter; Ms. Shivangi Verma, Film Personality & Celebrity, Mumbai; Mr. Imraan Khan, Film Personality & Celebrity, Mumbai & many other eminent personalities.

Speaking to the media, Nephrologist, Dr. Pratim Sengupta, Founder & Director of Nephrocare said, “It is imperative to create and raise the level of awareness among people about kidney health and care. Improved accessibility to kidney care can help avoid the onset and progression of kidney diseases. However, adequate precaution can play a big role to help prevent the disease. Some of the important tests to measure kidney function include serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, and glomerular filtration rate. Of these, serum creatinine is commonly used to check if the kidneys are healthy.”

Nephrocare is a comprehensive and compassionate kidney care Institute. Nephrocare India Pvt. Ltd is one of the most esteemed healthcare institutions focused on caring for the most intensive kidney disease patients, had been established in the month of December 2021, by eminent and noteworthy Nephrologist Dr. Pratim Sengupta. At Nephrocare we treat patients in a unique way; our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care at affordable cost. All diagnosis and treatment decisions are based on pathology and laboratory reporting, added with much logical inference, considering the human body with all its functionality in a linear understandable fashion as everyone has their own challenges. Every being has a Physical Body coupled with a Mental Body & Spiritual Body with an infinite Energy Body. Our laboratory investigation gives us information about our physical ailments, but a significant component of any diseased state exists in the other three forms of our existence. Reaching that domain is often neglected or mostly overlooked sticking to the textbook definition of treatments. At Nephrocare India we analyze all these aspects of the disease scientifically and provide holistic medical care to the patient. For whosoever visiting Nephrocare India, it’s our policy that all doctors and caregivers treat individuals as family members and do all that they would for someone they love with all their heart.

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