Neuberg Diagnostics announces the launch of 14 new Neuberg Advanced & affordable diagnostics & health checkup centres in Chennai

Neuberg Diagnostics announces the launch of 14 new Neuberg Advanced & affordable diagnostics & health checkup centres in Chennai

Hon’ble Ma. Subramanian, Minister for Health, Medical Education, and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, said, “The healthcare ecosystem is integral to the well-being and growth of the society. We recognize this and have thus been focused on encouraging the entrepreneurial ecosystem which can contribute to strengthening public health management and service delivery. We commend companies like Neuberg Diagnostics with global presence and commitment to quality that are investing in the state, augmenting the health infrastructure, and raising the bar of healthcare excellence. 

Dr. GSK Velu, Chairman and Managing Director, Neuberg Diagnostics, said, “Our aim is to complement the government’s healthcare architecture, generate employment opportunities, and play a crucial role in improving the healthcare infrastructure of the region. To achieve these overreaching objectives, we are focused on strengthening as well as diversifying our diagnostics offerings. Further, we would like to ensure that our offerings are catering to the needs of various customer segments covering entire Tamil Nadu. During this year, with substantial investments in digital initiatives, we want to expand our presence to every district in Tamil Nadu. To achieve this, we are exploring potential partnerships and joint investment opportunities with like-minded pathologists, radiologists, and cardiologists with an exclusive focus on the Diagnostics and Wellness segments.” 

Neuberg will ensure a distinctive focus on advanced diagnostics at affordable costs, preventive diagnostics care, and a digital online presence to easy access & convenience. The company has already roped in MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador to create awareness for preventive care and early diagnosis to remain healthy.

Currently, with more than 150 labs and 1000 plus collection centres, Neuberg Diagnostics is present in India, the USA, the UAE, and South Africa. By partnering and integrating with the top reputed laboratories like Bangalore based Anand Diagnostics Laboratory( Neuberg Anand ) ; Ahmedabad based Supratech Micropath ( Neuberg Supratech ) ; Pune based A.G Diagnostics( Neuberg AG) ; Chennai based Ehrlich Lab( Neuberg Ehrlich ) ; Dubai based Minerva Lab( Neuberg Minerva ) , and South Africa based Global Lab ( Neuberg Global ) & several others Neuberg has created a strong foothold in India / Middle East & Africa and has also established its presence in the USA through a Genomics Laboratory based in North Carolina. Neuberg group employs over 5000 employees and over 800 of them are based in Tamil Nadu currently.

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