Past life regression: A link between past and present life

Past life regression: A link between past and present lifeThe past life regression is performed by hypnosis to retrieve the memories from prior incarnations. Numerous mental health problems that people suffer may have their roots in terrible events from former existence, according to once-life retrogression therapists. Hence, hypnotists transport their patients back in time through hypnosis. They may go back in time to their early years, their prenatal stage of times before they were born with their current body, though their soul may have previously been in other bodies or former lifetimes. Thus, past life regression therapy assumes that reincarnation is true. Based on this premise, practitioners think that treating an individual’s experiences before being born in this life can help treat a variety of mental diseases.

Is reincarnation even conceptually possible?

Reincarnation doctrines are old. Pre-Socratic thinkers in ancient Greece made conjectures about the soul moving from one body after death to another when it was born. In Western societies, these beliefs were not particularly significant, but in Eastern societies, they did start to gain some traction, first during the Vedic Period and then with some of the adorable religious reforms by Buddha and Mahavira. In actuality, this objection is not strong. Reincarnation theory holds that new souls can’t be generated. As the population grows, some souls may have a disembodied life while they wait for new bodies to form, even if the number of souls remains constant. However, the leftover souls may take on the form of an animal while they wait for new human bodies to be born if, as Hinduism claims, reincarnation is not limited to human beings.

Some significant conceptual difficulties do exist, though. Even if reincarnation is a fact, the individuals do not have any memories of their previous life. According to this theory, as long as there is at least some psychological continuity, a person can be said to be the same person without having the same corporeal continuity. For example, John Locke famously asserted that even if a prince were to one day awaken in a cobbler’s body yet retain his princely memories, he would still be that prince.

Regressions into the past carry the same risk. These treatments have the potential to seriously injure the person by implanting a terrible false memory from the previous life. Because of this, past life regressions are not ethical according to the non-malfeasance principle. The time and money squandered on former life regressions could also use in a better way on therapies that are much more effective, particularly those that deal with phobias. An evidence-based strategy known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is very effective for treating mood and anxiety problems (including specific phobias). It is immoral to suggest to a patient that they return to a past life to deal with a traumatic incident to treat a phobia when some behavioral therapy procedures are considerably more effective at doing so (such as flooding or systematic desensitization).

According to Gurpreet Arora, founder of Make Me Pure:-

Past life regression is a form of therapy or self-exploration that involves accessing and exploring memories or experiences from a past life. The idea behind past life regression is that we have lived multiple lives, in our current life is a part of them. Advocates of this approach believe that exploring past lives can help us gain insight into our current struggles, fears, and relationships. Past life regression typically involves a therapist guiding a person into a relaxed state or hypnosis and then asking them to recall memories or experiences from a past life. Sometimes, people report memories of specific historical events or places while other times our memories are more abstract or symbolic. It’s important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea of past lives or past-life regression. While some people find it to be a helpful and insightful practice, others may not experience any significant benefits. It’s also possible for false memories or experiences to be created during the regression process. Overall, past life regression is a controversial and unproven practice. If you’re considering trying it, give importance to doing your research and approach with an open mind but also a healthy dose of skepticism.

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